1 of 2: Why men only?

January 24, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

January 24, 2023

One Man Empire is men only and apparently, that’s controversial.

Case in point, this comment I got from a man last week: 


“Why men only? This is everyday sexism. Do better!” 


This is not unusual.

There are a few of these every day. 

Most of the time Sue hits the delete button.  

…Yet today, I’m in the mood to poke the bear… 

So here are three reasons why I believe men-only environments are essential to getting results. 

The same goes for women too.  

(Stick around for reason #3, that one really pisses people off.)

First up…  


Think of it this way, do I get what it’s like to be a woman? No. 

Can I connect to that on a deep level? No. 

Is it sexist to think that I could? Yes.

See, human beings NEED deep connection. 

Maslow placed it third on his famous hierarchy of needs. 

(After the essentials like food and safety.) 

Yet being a man at the helm of a business is a lonely and fucked-up life.

Is it any wonder middle-aged men die by suicide more than any group?

It’s why men need other men.

And exactly why a men-only environment creates deep connection like nothing else.


Studies show mixed groups are the most dishonest for men.

Mainly because of bragging, bravado and BS. 

Yet to succeed in this game truth and honesty are vital. 

A half-story, a half-tactic, or half-assed feedback helps no man. 

A male-only environment keeps the bullshit out and the truth in.

Two essential ingredients for breaking free of no man’s land and pushing to 1M+.

It’s how Chris in Glasgow sacked 8 members of staff and more than doubled his business.

And how Simeon increased profits by 200%  without adding more employees.

In short….

One Man Empire is men only because it works.

So if you’re interested in joining the MEN of this tribe who are ​​pushing to 1M+ in revenue…  


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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


P.S. Reason number three?


This place is men only because I want it to be. 

I like the brotherhood, the positivity, and the environment that it creates. 

And when you are at the helm of a business YOU make the rules. 

You choose who you work with, you choose what happens, and you choose how you spend your time. 

I choose this. 

And folks that don’t like it are free to go somewhere else.


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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