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£1M+ even in a bad economy?

April 25, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

April 25, 2023

Two weeks back all the lamestream media led with this:

“UK is the worst economy in the G7.” 


Yet, here’s the thing…

When I look around, seems folks are still spending money – hand over fist.

Case in point, on Thursday I tried to book dinner for me and Em.

The first five restaurants I called…

“Sorry sir, we’re fully booked…”

… And that’s on a Thursday night in a sleepy market town.

But restaurants aren’t the only ones.

… Big business seems to be handing out new contracts left, right, and centre.

And on top of that, if you were foolish enough to go on holiday at Easter, then chances are you saw places rammed full of people splashing cash like it was going out of fashion. 

It only goes to prove One Man Empire Iron Law #79.

“Trust what you see, not what you’re told.”

Now, I’m no economist…

… B-U-T I know one thing for sure.

When people start handing out money, you want to make damn sure that you’re at the front of the line.

Because new spending always equals new opportunities.

Trouble is, right now, too many good men are holding back.




First, they waited for post-covid…then they waited for post-invasion… and now they wait for post-inflation….

Yet here’s the thing….

No man can tread water forever – without drowning in his own delay. 

It’s certain and sudden death for those who choose to stand still.

Bad news for them.

Good news for you.

… But only if you chose to MOVE and take advantage of this NEW market and this NEW opportunity.

Truth is, for those willing to capitalise there has never been a better chance to catch your competition with their pants down.

… But you’ve got to have a plan in place if you want to get to the front of the money line.

How do I know?

… Because the men inside my four walls have been doing just that, and here’s their results from last month (March 2023) alone… 

  • Alan and his brother scaled to 105k per month in their two-man operation.
  • Matt from Wolverhampton scaled to 101k a month after getting rid of two employees.
  • Paul from N. Wales scaled to 115k per month for the first time ever with his small five-man team.
  • Chris scaled to 48k per month with no employees in his engineering business.
  • Tony scaled to his first 18k day in his lean accounting practice.
  • And Steve scaled to 76k per month with just one other member of staff.

… More men than ever pushing to 1M+.

And I get it. 

These numbers might feel like a lot. 

But let me be clear.

These are real men, with real businesses – just like you. 

So this opportunity is yours for the taking… 

If you make a move. 


The easiest, best and most immediately profitable way to do that – without adding more employees?


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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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