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30 Men: True Story On Why Women Can’t Join

September 30, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

September 30, 2021

A message in from Mary, a female fan.

… Seem’s there might be some ladies sniffing around, trying to secure the new open seat around the table:


Charlie – my name is Mary and I’m female!!

Anyway, I love what you do, and wondered if you would consider letting any ladies in The Fellowship?!





Sorry Mary but it’s a hard NO.

Nothing to do with you…

… And everything to do with the fact that in my experience when women are around, men do stupid shit – like LIE.

Now, here’s the big problem with lies in an environment like this.

At best it grinds you to a halt.

At worst it forces you to move backwards.

After all, how can you expect to have others to call you on your shit, and push you forward if you can’t be honest about where you’re REALLY at, or how you’re REALLY doing.

So The Fellowship will be staying men only.

Meaning if you are female, and you decide to apply to join us – you will not get in 🙂


If you are a man…

If you are craving more from your untapped potential…

And if you are starting to consider the impact that standing shoulder to shoulder with other smart ambitious men will have on your bottom line…

… Then as of today, I have one spot open around the table.

The facts of the matter are:

  • I operate one group in the UK.
  • That group is locked out at 30 men.
  • It’s a strict one out, one in policy.

So the sands of time on your decision to apply for this seat are ticking.

After that?

It’s too late…

It’s back to one out, one in.

Here’s the link:


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