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Another Dickhead In Sheep’s Clothing

January 25, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

January 25, 2022

Here is a walkie Talkie message fresh in from a long-standing Fellowship member this morning:


Charlie, I’ve just had this email from a potential BIG client, he seems genuine but what do you think brother??!

“Your proposal looks great, but before I sign the paperwork can you answer these couple of questions about my tax situation… If you could let me know your thoughts by the end of the day – that would be great”


My response:

Sounds like blackmail – do not engage.

Classic case of another dickhead in sheep’s clothing.

… Or in other words, an individual posing as a prospect and making empty promises about projects and profits, IF and only IF, you do what they want and when they want it.

See, in my experience giving advice for free (and when it should be paid for) is no way to start any relationship.

In fact, if history has taught me anything, it’s the fastest way to end up overwhelmed, overstretched and bent over the barrel.

… Because this kind of customer cares about one thing and one thing only – THEM not you.

  • It’s why they will want you to do stuff for free…
  • It’s why they will want you to answer out of hours…
  • It’s why they will want you to drop everything when they ring the bell…

… And EXACTLY why most would be wise to understand that no matter the price, these kinds of dickheads should be ruthlessly avoided at all costs.

The bounty they will offer in exchange for steeling your soul will never be worth the tornado of shit.

All you become is another one of their sacrificial lambs to the slaughter as they ratchet up the promises and drive down the price.

Truth is and over the years I’ve bent the knee for far too many dickheads in disguise, it’s probably why, right now, and nine times out of ten I can spot a traitor in the mist, before they punch me square in the face.

It’s also why One Man Empire Iron Law #7 is always:

“No Dickheads Allowed.”

… And why on page 81 of my best-selling book, “The Forbidden Secrets of a One Man Empire” I walk through exactly how to deploy The Purge.

A process for customer control, where the poor, the time-intensive and the annoying are weeded out for the benefit of the high paying, fun to work with and profitable.

Anyway, if you want to dive deeper into that, you can get your copy of the book right now, on Amazon and for just 99p.

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