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“Avoid the Weak Willed & Weak Minded…”

February 7, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

February 7, 2021

My mum asked me yesterday…

“Charlie did you see on the news about – …”

I stopped her dead in her tracks because I didn’t see it.

I knew that without her finishing her sentence because the truth is, I consciously force myself to avoid the news and mainstream media at all costs.

You see, if the facts from Netflix’s groundbreaking “Social Dilemma” documentary are to be believed, then men like you and I would be wise to be wary of cognitive contamination from:

  • Social platforms
  • Political puppets
  • Mainstream media

… Their ability to deal in non-meaningful specifics, with words like “could,” “might” and “maybe” sow seeds of doubt at every turn. 

Choosing to underplay good economic news while over-exaggerating the bad – or in other words, they have a habit of force-feeding fear.

That is…

  • The fear of poverty, 
  • The fear of criticism,
  • The fear of ill health, 
  • The fear of love loss, 
  • The fear of old age, 

… and the fear of death.

Six fundamental fears that do nothing but fuck with the minds of even the strongest self-made men by installing negative thoughts. 

The trouble being that negative thoughts lead to negative acts, and negative acts lead to negative action. Negative action being nothing but procrastination through a fear of making a decision.

It’s why this week and as lock down continues, I’d urge you to protect your mind from intruders at all costs.

As this new economy emerges, only the strong-minded self-made man will survive. 

Meaning weak will and negative thought, in any form, and in any media, is contagious, can have catastrophic consequences and should be avoided, eradicated and exterminated without a second look.

There are so many hours in the day, and when push comes to shove, men like you and I do not have the luxury of being able to be sidetracked or sideswiped by those who would rather you be in a state of fear over fortune.

Sounds like some pumped up hippy shit I know, but trust me, by doing this one thing alone, you can finally focus on what you can control.

  • YOU.

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