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Balls reloaded: Do this when customers own you

May 9, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

May 9, 2024

Had an awkward conversation yesterday…

With a guy wanting to join us here. And I had to reject him, but N-O-T for the reasons you think… 

See, he refused to see the uncomfortable truth that was staring him in the face… 

He had misplaced his balls. 

And had unwittingly handed over control of his business to the dark forces. 

See, he was unable to commit to two days out of his business because he needed to be ‘on call.’ 

Or ‘on the leash’ as I would call it. 

The painful truth is that too many men in this game have built a business like this. 

Truth is, I did the same and it nearly killed me.

Most of the time, despite the outward marking of success, it felt like I had a job, rather than a business. 

And a crappy job at that. 

A business where everyone has control B-U-T you…  

  • Customers own you 
  • Employees own you 
  • Suppliers own you 

Which is ironic when you consider that most men get into this game for more freedom, not less.

Good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice freedom for money. 

You can have your ‘balls reloaded’ in this game. 

It comes back to operating differently and getting simple, cutting out the generalist B.S. 

See, generalism will only get you so far unless you’re willing to put up with…

Lots of volume. 

Lots of bodies. 

Lots of low prices. 

All of which equals life at the end of a leash. 

Getting real tight on your market means not only will you convert more as you’re a specialist. 

You can easily charge a lot more as a specialist. 

Plus you can process more as everyone is getting sold the same thing.

Making automation a sure-fire win, if you like more time and more money. 

Add all this together and you end up with a machine-like business. 

A business model that is predictable and scalable… and one where you can tell pain-in-the-arse customers to take a running jump without consequence. 

Because the machine will have filled the gap by Friday. 

All comes back to my S.A.S Protocols™ (simplify, automate, scale). 

The easiest way to scale to £1M+ without needing an army of employees 

… And the easiest way to keep hold of your balls in this game. 

Its how in 2024… 

  • Karl doubled profit and is now working three days a week. 
  • Alex is up 48% compared to last year, all whilst working less. 
  • Hayden hit £1.3million. 
  • Matt is up from 32K a month to £64K per month.
  • After a standing start, Leon will break £100K. 
  • Paul is up from 30K a month to £47K per month. 
  • Other Paul is up from 65K to £117K  per month.  
  • Jonathan’s profit is up 470% and he had his best Q1 in 15 years. 
  • Tony has doubled from 201K to £403K. 
  • John made £480K in Q1.

So if you’re ready to reload your balls and take back control, and you’re ready to push to 1M+ without an army of employees, then here’s what to do next.

  • Read the page below
  • Fill in the application 
  • Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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