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Can you trust anyone anymore?

October 8, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

October 8, 2020

Got this in yesterday:

“Charlie – thinking about bringing my best mate into the business. I need more staff and we’ve been friends since we were kids – good idea?”

Short answer – NO.

In my experience you can’t trust normal employees, let alone employees that are friends or relatives.

There’s something that I learnt a long time ago…

When it comes to this game that we call business, friends and family will always be your biggest source of doubt.

Sad but true.

Love them, yes.

… Trust them with business decisions – on your head be it.

Truth is, it’s not their fault.

They’re just not wired like you and I, because they have a natural born desire to remain comfortable.

… Which makes their opinion, at best, one that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

See, they are governed by THEIR own self-interest and that self-interest is to keep themselves employed, by keeping you HAPPY, which means always telling you “YES”.

Even when the answer should be NO.

A universal law of man that is always made worse by longstanding envy, axes to grind and hidden agenda’s.

It’s why the advice of employed friends and family too, shut-up-shop, and “lavish in lockdown” was dumb fuckery of the highest order, for men like you and I.

A self-motivated school of thought so that they could frolic on furlough.

Truth is, and if the last few months have taught us anything, it’s never been more important to seek counsel from others that are cust from the same cloth.

… Other men that you can trust with 100% confidence to give you the kind of honest and impartial advice that you won’t get in a million years from friends and family members.

As this new economy emerges, decisions must be fast and true.

Under no circumstances can they be swayed by self-interest, or blurred by best buddies.

Which is what makes The Fellowship, so fucking powerful, and able to consistently get results.

… Because the men inside get told what they NEED TO HEAR, not what they want to hear.

A subtle yet powerful difference.

Which reminds me, I currently have ONE opening around the table and in this closed group.

I will only ever have 30 men in at any one time, and as of right now I am considering applications from those that have committed to make the decision to apply.

If and when you complete an application, we will then speak on the phone.

I will see if I think you are a good fit for the group, and if you cut the mustard you can choose to join us.

The way I see it, you nothing to lose and everything to win.


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Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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