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Dangerous new employee trend that’s coming for you

May 14, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

May 14, 2024

Over the last 12 months, I’ve witnessed a dangerous new trend when it comes to hiring employees… 

Now, I’m no fan of employees, but this takes things to a new low. 

And if left unchecked, it will easily destroy any good business. 

Long-standing member Mike’s situation sums it up best… 

See, his machinery business relies on mechanical engineers. 

And like many in this area, most of the good guys are retiring, or set to retire in the next few years. 

So, around the new year, Mike was on the hunt for new staff. 

And in doing so he got a very rude awakening… 

Firstly he was shocked at the amount of money ‘fresh meat’ wanted. 

Essentially, newly qualified folks demanding the salary of old-hands. 

Fifty grand plus from someone with zero experience. 

(And that’s before national insurance, holidays and sick pay.) 

Plus, Y-O-U get lumbered with the pleasure of showing them how the world works. 

No, thank you. 

And that’s not even the worst part… 

The biggest sticking point for Mike? 

These folks were unwilling to travel. 

Which in his game is about as realistic as England getting a month without rain. 

Or like a surgeon saying they don’t do blood.

Trouble is, this employee trend is everywhere right now. 

Accountants, consultants and trades alike have all said the same. 

Yet reality is… 

Things ain’t changing.  

Not anytime soon anyway. 

Which puts business owners who rely on skilled employees in a very (very) dangerous place.

The employee chokehold is getting stronger. 

And your business and money are at risk. 

It’s why men here are so ruthless and systems, processes and automation as a core pillar of the S.A.S Protocols™ …. 

Because operating in this way releases the employee chokehold. 

The power sits back with you. 

And maybe, like Mike, your business can never be 100% employee free. 

But operating this way means you can plug folks into the process and keep trucking. 

And it means you can get lower-skilled people to do higher-skilled work.

Which is good news for getting more money in your back pocket. 

Plus, chances you’ll need less of ‘em. 

So, not only does this take the foot off your neck…

It makes scaling to £1M+ within easy reach. 

Just like it is for Mike. 

It’s time to break free of the employee chokehold. 

And if you’re done with employees standing on your neck and you’re up for pushing to £1M+ without an army of mouths to feed then… 

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Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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