Embrace The Pain

February 6, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

February 6, 2022

On Tuesday just gone, the GOAT handed in his badge.

…with 22 seasons under his belt and 7 Super Bowl rings in his back pocket, Tom Brady retired from NFL. 

The un-disputable Greatest Of All Time. 

(Well, apart from with some bitter Patriots fans.)

And Brady’s retirement is not that surprising. 

He is 44 after all. 

A glorified pensioner in the world of American Football. 

What was unusual was a hidden snippet in his retirement statement…. 


“The competition was fierce and deep, just how we like it.”


Brady praised his enemies.

And the undoubted losses and pain they caused him. 

Yes, he won 7 super bowls… 

… He also lost three. 

And for 11 seasons Brady didn’t even make it to the end game. 

The Greatest Of All Time lost out. 

A lot. 

He suffered mental and physical pain.  

A lot.

And he was thankful for it. 

See, there is importance in pain…. 

…But most will choose to AVOID pain at all costs. 

Cowering and hiding from it at every turn because ‘pain is bad.’ 

Especially in today’s fucked up world of faux positivity

Yet psychologists have found that folks who experience very little pain are weak… 

Weaker than average… 

With poor mental health, more illnesses, and a crappy tolerance for physical pain. 

Now too much pain….

That shit will fuck you up.

But not enough and you become fragile. 

Just like with Brady… 

Resilence, strength and success is built on the back of purposeful pain. 

It’s time to embrace the pain. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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