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Eye-watering insight on NOT getting results…

January 19, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

January 19, 2023

My son (Barney) proved me wrong yesterday. 

See, a while ago he started guitar lessons. 

Initially, the time he devoted to practice was zilch, and (unsurprisingly) progress was slow. 

And so I asked him to make a decision – quit and walk away, or commit to extra practice.   

The decision was his and I thought he would quit.

I was wrong. 

He made the decision to commit. 

And yesterday it paid off when he was asked to play in a school concert. 

A stark reminder about decision.

… And some eye-watering insight on not getting results.

It is a universal order of man that states:

Starting today will get you further than if you start next week… next month… or next year. 

Results aren’t rocket science. 

It’s a simple act, make the decision and show up. 

…The trouble comes with having the courage to make a decision. 

Especially when you’ve been around the block. 

Maybe you’ve been burnt before, maybe you’ve got cynical, maybe you’re tired. 

Either way, the truth is this…

Every day that you don’t decide, power is lost. 

Indecision equals standing still.

It’s why the decisions you make today affect what you have tomorrow.

Worse case scenarios from indecision? 

Becoming one of the poor tormented bastards who are forced to start again. 

It’s the choice you make when you dance with the devil of indecision.

So right now if you’ve made the decision to push to 1M+ without an army of employees…  


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