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“Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight”

February 14, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

February 14, 2021

There’s an old Japanese proverb that says: 

“Fall down seven times, get up eight”

Which if the rumblings from the men inside of the Fellowship at Wednesday’s closed-door Think Tank are a measuring stick – couldn’t be more relevant this week.

Seems as this shit show continues even the most ambitious men among us are suffering from impulses to give in…

  • Tempers taking control…
  • Fear starting to creep…
  • And ambition forcing frustration…

Mental masturbation of mediocrity at its worse.

Truth is, and over the last month, I too have felt the walls starting to crumble…

For me, a situation made worse by the fact, this week, Barney’s laptop went to rat-shit and I had to transition between protector, teacher and IT support.

I mean FUCK, what do I know about laptops, spelling or adverbs 🙂

Truth is, it’s at times like these and when at our darkest hour, the greatest self-made men in history will always be forged.

Rising from the ashes of our own personal fires of hell by choosing to keep on fighting – no matter what.

You see, by simply understanding the fact that shit will always go sidewise, pandemic or no pandemic, you and I, my friend, start to take back control.

While others refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and continue to blame outside forces – opportunity awaits.

I’ve spoke two men this week in hospitality, who were MANDATED to shut their doors and shut-up-shop BUT chose to GET BACK UP – regardless.

The net result being, 10 months on, they are both now sitting on a goldmine.

So this week, I’d have you consider that while others are worried about attacks from the outside, I’d urge you, my friend, to be warier of the mental masturbation happening on the inside.

You see, failures in this life are never done to us, but BY US. 

Meaning, you and I are our own worst enemies.

Making this week your defining moment and a glaring opportunity.

An opportunity to choose to see the wood through the trees…

An opportunity to choose to GET BACK UP…

And an opportunity to choose to do others won’t today, to have what others want tomorrow.

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