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Frustratingly powerful tool for success

January 31, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

January 31, 2023

There’s a powerful tool most choose to ignore as they push to 1M+. 

Why? Because it’s frustrating as hell.  

Let me explain…

See a while back I got real lean. 

(Think 90’s boyband six-pack ripped.)

The method was simple, low calories plus HIIT training. 

Every day. 

Did it work? Yes. 

Was I willing to do it consistently? No.

It was dull as fuck.

See, consistency is a frustratingly powerful mistress.  

No matter the goal, most know consistently focusing on what will move your dial will change the game… 

Yet being consistent every day is hard. 

Truth is, most men are inconsistent. 

Me included. 

Its not your fault.

Humans are wired this way. 

We like shiny and new… and it screws us. 

The only thing that is good at consistency?


Physical or virtual. 

  • From the automated alarm on your phone…
  • To Alexa playing the music you like…
  • To the robot hoover cleaning on autopilot…

Consistency is the currency of automation. 

And I hear what you’re thinking…

“B-U-T Charlie, you can’t automate what I do!” 

And here’s what you’d be wise to consider…

Automation isn’t about the “do” of what you do. 

It’s about removing grunt work. 

Imagine what it would be like if you could remove the manual admin tasks inside your business… 

If you could automatically send updates to customers? … automatically delegate tasks to your team? …automatically follow up with suppliers?

What would that kind of freedom feel like?

What would you do with the extra time?

What mountains could you now move?

Men always ask how I only work 9-3…

… The answer is automation.

So unless you hate money and love being overwhelmed, the hard reality is that you NEED automation in your arsenal…

… Otherwise, pushing to 1M+ without an army of employees is impossible. 

See, scale comes down to three things: 

  1. Simplify your business and focus on where the money is then… 
  2. AUTOMATE grunt work and systemise so you can… 
  3. Scale quickly with ease. 

It’s how Matt got back 24 hours a week and hit the half-million mark…

… How Alex automated 107 tasks and scaled to his first 60K month…  

And how Chris replaced eight employees with a fully automated system that doubled his business, almost overnight.

So if you too are interested in breaking free of no man’s land, getting back 21 hrs a week, and pushing to 1M+ in revenue – without adding any more employees to your business…


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  • Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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