Getting rich slowly

February 8, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

February 8, 2024

Look – getting rich slowly is the fastest way to scale-up… 


It’s vastly underrated. 

A bit like the TV series Better Call Saul. 

It’s way better than Breaking Bad, but gets none of the awards or any of the credit. 

See the truth about the ‘overnight success’ is this…

It’s like winning the lottery. 

Can it happen? 

Sure, but I wouldn’t bet my financial future on it.   

And frankly, neither should you.


Because chasing a quick quid is dumb-fcukery of the highest order. 

It’s playing in the shortest of short term… 

… And it sabotages your ability to make real money at real scale.

It’s the kind of thinking that means:

… You say yes to that ‘big’ job. 

… Or yes to that ‘quick’ project. 

… Or yes to that ‘dik’ customer.

All in the name of making money.

In the short term. 

The trouble is, short-term thinking means balls get dropped, things slip through the cracks and wheels quickly start to fall off.

Little wonder any money made from chasing a quick quid rapidly turns to dust and vanishes into a puff of smoke.

It’s why short-term thinking never creates long-term profits.

Truth is, if you want to build a war chest, whether that is £1M, or more, or less… 

Consistency committing to the long term is your biggest key to the kingdom.

After all, if you start consistently putting profit in your pocket.

Every month. 

Like clockwork.

Sooner rather than later, you have a lump sum, a nest egg, and a way out of dodge so that you can ride off into the sunset whenever you’re ready to exit or sell up shop.

It’s why my S.A.S Protocols are hell-bent on short-term actions for long-term gains.

Because when you quickly inflate margins A-N-D rapidly remove the need for employees – your profits will start rolling in.


On autopilot. 

And for the long haul.

It’s what I call getting rich slowly… BUT surely. 

In fact, it’s how…

… Paul from N. Wales scaled from 350K to 1M+ after 5 years of being stood still.

… Alan and his brother scaled to 217k in profit in their two-man operation.

And Chris scaled to from 12k to 48k per month with no employees in his engineering business.

So, if you are ready to scale to 1M+ without an army of employees and if you’re happy to do that with your long-term financial future in mind, here’s what to do next.

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