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It’s Not a Downturn, It’s a Disaster

September 15, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

September 15, 2022


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I don’t know about you but it is easy to feel beaten down and battered – especially right now…

For most men at the helm of a business, it’s never been more confusing or fucked up.

Most of us are left wondering when will this tornado of shit finally end…

And when it does, just how bad will the fallout really be?

The trouble is, as we go further down this rabbit hole, I’m seeing too many good men wanting to ignore what’s about to punch them square in the face. 

And it’s understandable, after two years of cov$d crap…

Just when you thought we were out of the woods….

This economic shit storm has taken aim and started firing.

It’s not a downturn, it’s a disaster

A raping and pillaging across the board and of epic proportions.

The worrying thing being, that whether you realise it or not, it’s already started taking your money, taking your profits and taking your freedom.

It’s why you would be wise to act now and start taking steps to survive the fallout.

  • Thank fuck you are not in a job.
  • Thank fuck you have the power to control your own destiny.
  • And thank fuck there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

… Because there is a way to insulate yourself from this bullshit

In fact, there are three simple steps that I’d urge you to take next – if you want to bullet-proof your business.

The good news being, when you read this NEW dispatch I will walk you through all three.

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Three simple steps to profit in the ‘Great British Bloodbath’ ahead. 

Make that efficient “economic hijacks” that will F-O-R-C-E you to resurrect your cash flow, reclaim your freedom, and safeguard your sanity

…No matter how much shit starts hitting the fan.

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  1. This great new depression is here. You can hide and hope OR you can act and profit.

When the rubber hits the road, there are only two ways to sleep safely at night. Be ignorant or be prepared.

I urge you to choose the latter.

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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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