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Most Are Missing This (Don’t Let That Be You!)

September 20, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

September 20, 2022

Right now I’m on the way to London.

In fact, I’m typing this sat on the train.

Truth be told, based on what went down yesterday, I can’t think of a worse day to be going to the big smoke and doing a consulting day.

But it couldn’t be rearranged.

It’s been booked in for ages, they’ve flown in from the US… and they’ve written me a BIG cheque (that I’ve already cashed).

So here I am, writing to you, alone and surrounded by patriotic ambulance chasers heading to the capital.

… All of whom BTW, seem hell-bent on showing their respects by taking selfies and posting sentimental shit on Facebook – but more on that another time.

… Because right now, and for us’ens in the UK, there is a bigger traitor in our midst.

See, in preparation for my meeting today I’ve been knee-deep in analyzing the state of play on the other side of the pond.

And let me be clear.

They too have problems… B-U-T not like ours.

It’s why today what I’ll be telling them, is NOT what I’m be telling you – or the other men on THIS island.

And exactly why last week’s dispatch was titled:

“The Great BRITISH Bloodbath…”

The keyword there being BRITISH.

… Because our situation is different.

  • Our economy is different.
  • Our government is different.
  • Our market is different.

… And most are missing this point – don’t let that be you.

It’s why right now, and when it comes to surviving this ferocious fall-out you would be wise to get help, from only those who live on THIS island.

Because at times like these, insight from overseas and offshore, is hearsay at best and dumb-fuckery at worse.

… At least until the dust has started to settle, and Nuclear November has run its course.

The point being, and for now, ignore anything and everything posted online from those outside of our walls.

… Especially when it comes to business.

… And especially when it comes to starting to bulletproof yourself and your situation from what some have hailed the worst financial crisis ever.

Instead, it’s time to read and re-read what I posted last week.

The frenzy of comments and press around the time-sensitive 5,276 words I outlined on that page have already obliterated the outpouring from my documentary. 


If you take your responsibility seriously to make more, provide more and be more…

… If you are starting to see the warning signs and realising that what you are experiencing right now is only the beginning…

… And if you are not willing to gamble your future on the promises of politicians who have a habit of doing nothing but lie through their teeth…

… Then I’d urge you to take the critical first step and apply to join me and the other men of The Alliance.

It’s the best way put an impenetrable iron cage around your cash flow, your freedom and your sanity before it’s too late.

>> https://theonemanempire.com/the-alliance/

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton 


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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