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My latest business investment…

June 15, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

June 15, 2023

A few weeks back I invested some seed capital into a new business.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever pitched for money or been pitched for money – but the process is instructive… especially right now if you want to scale up.

So here’s a peak behind the curtain of their pitch. 

It went like this:

We will be better than everyone else.

We will be cheaper than everyone else.

We will deliver more than everyone else.

We just need to be found more than everyone else.

… Then we can scale.

… Then you can be rich.

… Then we can be rich.

Which all sounded good and was backed up by their projected numbers.

That’s when I told them to stop selling and start answering.

See there are five questions that I need to answer when it comes to investing my money.

I call it my checklist for scale:

  • Does it follow a process / is it repeatable?
  • Does it need to be purchased again?
  • Does it get delivered and invoiced quickly?
  • Does it produce high margin?

… And can it get delivered with low skill?

The only five questions that matter when it comes to scale – with minimal involvement from me, or the man at the helm.

The good news being, unlike most, he ticked all five.

So he got the cash and we got to work.

… 24 hours later he’s making money and making sales.

… In a way that is scalable.

Funny thing is, the pitch in question was from Barney my 9-year-old son.

He wanted to stop cleaning my car for money… and instead, stand on his own two feet with his own idea.

Is he making a 1M?

Nah – not yet.

… But, the model will allow it.

Three weeks on he can’t get over the fact that he’s made “good” money while he sleeps, watches YouTube and plays on his Xbox.

… And I can’t get over the fact that I’m getting a 2:1 return on my capital!

Truth is, that checklist is universal and should be asked of any business that wants to scale to 1M+ without an army of employees.

  • It forces simplicity.
  • It forces systems.
  • It forces scale.

It’s why when men choose to join one of my two groups, I ask the exact same thing – so we can get to work and ruthlessly start ticking off each one.

It’s a system that’s stood the test of time and in the last month alone has been responsible for getting results like this:

… Alan and his brother who scaled to 105k month with 30k profit in their two-man operation.

… Matt from Wolverhampton who scaled to 101k month after getting rid of two employees.

… Paul from N. Wales who scaled to 115k month for the first time ever with his small five-man team.

… John who scaled to 48k month with three employees in his irrigation business.

… and Steve who scaled to 76k month with just one other member of staff.

Anyway, if you too want to scale to 1M+ without an army of employees, and if you can follow instructions like my 9-year-old, then here’s what to do next.

  1. Read the page below
  2. Fill in the application 
  3. Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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