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My Wife Has Been Lying To Me For 19 Years

February 5, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

February 5, 2023

This week found out my wife has been lying to me for 19 years. 

All around the sexist subject of ironing. 

On yep, strap in… I’m going there. 

Now, I always thought Emma could not iron.

In all our time together I’ve never seen her do it. 

There isn’t an iron in our house. 

I hate ironing too, so any time we need to scrub up, it gets sent out. 

My wife told me when she was young her Nana Mary had shared a valuable lesson…

“Don’t get stuck being good at things you don’t want to do.” 

Good advice. 

And little Emma grabbed this both hands. 

Hence the no ironing. 

Or other tasks she looked at unfavourably. 

Until last week….

When in I walk to my in-law’s house…

And there in the kitchen is my wife…

Iron in hand, my son’s shirt looking pris-fucking-tine. 

“WTF!?!” I asked. 

She raises an eyebrow:

“There is a difference between won’t and can’t.” 


Since then there have been ‘debates.’

Did she lie or just neglect to give me the full picture?

Either way, it’s a good reminder for all men in this game. 

See, there are many things you could do…

  • You could do those sorts of projects you hate. 
  • You could not charge what you are worth.  
  • You could be at the beck and call of customers 24/7.  

But do you WANT to? 

As a wise woman once said…

Don’t get stuck being good at things you don’t want to do. 

‘Cos believe me, once you do something, that shit will stick. 

Customers will expect it. 

…And they will be PISSED when you don’t do it. 

You set your own rules in this game. 

Stack the deck in your favour and play for yourself. 

Remember, there is a big difference between won’t and can’t. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

P.S. Do not think for one second I have purchased an iron. I like all my limbs intact. 



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