No women???

February 6, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

February 6, 2024

Fact – women are not allowed inside my two groups… 

It’s a male-only environment. 

And today I want to address that elephant in the room so you are crystal clear on why that is a good thing and vital – if you want to scale up, at speed.

Truth is, in 2024, when you can self-identify as a dog, I can’t believe that ‘men only’ is not only controversial… 

… But gets comments like this:

“Just men? Do better!” 

“Sexist pig.” 

“Cancel this man – immediately” 

Good job, it’s like water off a duck’s back.

Sue just hits delete, because in my experience you can’t argue with stupid. 

Anyway, back to you and why a male-only environment will get you results faster than anything else.

It’s on the back of this email:

“You must get a lot of heat for ‘men only’ Charlie – I respect it. Can I ask why you decided to do it?” Martin, Nottinghamshire. 

Simple – it works. 

After all…

Do I get what it’s like to run a business as a woman? No. 

Can I connect to her on an emotional level? No. 

Is it sexist to think that I could? Yes.

It’s why men-only environments are needed.  

The same goes for women-only groups too. 

Now on top of that, and if you go deeper…

It creates connection, security and brotherhood.

Three things that psychologists say are vital IF you want to operate at the next level.

Something to do with us being primates.

And something to do with us wanting to be pushed and compete.

Anyway here’s the rub.

Most men in our shoes are missing all three.

Frankly, and as you well know, being a man at the helm of a business is a lonely life.

A poisoned chalice that leaves most of us out in the cold and out on our own.

Little wonder middle-aged men die by suicide more than any other group.

Not only that but here’s the BIG problem when you mix genders in groups like this:

Men do stupid schyt.

Like, lie… 

I’ve seen it.

And I’ve done it.

Call it bragging, bravado or BS, the end result is the same:

You stop being honest. 

Which is a problem.

To succeed in this game, truth and honesty are vital. 

So a male-only environment keeps the BS out and the truth in.

Two essential ingredients for breaking free of no man’s land and taking back control – for good.

It’s why to push to 1M+ without an army of employees you’d be wise to understand that it’s impossible without other smart ambitious men in your corner and by your side.

It’s also why…  

… Professional athletes need to be around other professional athletes.

… New mums need to be around other new mums.

… And recovering alcoholics need to be around other recovering alcoholics.

And it’s exactly why I’ve stuck to my guns and kept the women at bay.

Because it gets you results like this:

… Paul from N. Wales scaled from 350K to 1M+ after 5 years of being stood still.

… Alan and his brother scaled to 217k in profit in their two-man operation.

… Chris scaled to from 12k to 48k per month with no employees in his engineering business.

So if you’re interested in joining the M-E-N of this tribe who are ​​pushing to 1M+ in revenue…  

Here is what to do next: 

  • Read the page below in full 
  • Fill in the application 
  • Let’s talk

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

PS. Lastly, and just to rile up the special snowflakes, and keyboard warriors….

This place is men only because I want it to be. 

I like it. 

And when you are at the helm of a business Y-O-U make the rules. 

You choose who you work with, you choose what happens, and you choose how you spend your time. 

I choose this. 

And if people don’t like it they are free to go somewhere else.


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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