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[Persuasion Secret] How women get more sex on Tinder…

October 26, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

October 26, 2020

Today I want to talk lead generation, but before we get onto that let’s talk about Tinder, women and who gets more sex…

… Blondes or brunettes?

So, let me introduce you to Emily.

To paint you a picture, she’s single, a natural blonde and on the lookout for romantic engagement on Tinder.

So last year, rather than leaving it to chance, she decided to test which hair colour would get her what she wanted faster – blonde or brunette.

The rules?

  1. Spend three days using each hair colour
  2. Start a new profile before each experiment
  3. Swipe right 200 times for each
  4. Wait for them to message first

The result?

… 28 matches for brunette

… 101 matches for blonde

Or in other words, blondes are definitely getting more sex on Tinder than brunettes.

Interesting right, and I beg the question:

 “Charlie, what the fuck has this got to do with lead generation and make more sales?”


So back to this game that we call business and the point…

When it comes to lead generation, especially in this new economy, those that will come out on top will always go fishing with what THEIR prospects want.

Let me say that again.

EFFECTIVE lead generation should focus on THEIR WANTS (and desires), not yours.

Truth is and in my experience, trying to generate interest in someone that wants something else will always be futile.

It’s why if you want to take advantage of the gaping opportunity that is happening in markets today, then men like you and I must give people what THEY want.

Right now, nothing else matters.

It’s how the men here inside of The Fellowship are starting to consistently get results.

… EVEN during a pandemic.

Makes sense, when you think about it, don’t you think?!

Anyway to start applying these kind of lead generation principles to you and your business, go here:


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