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“The ONE THING We Can Control Right Now”

October 18, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

October 18, 2020

So I feel like it’s time this week to address the elephant in the room.

Because I don’t know what it’s like for you, but over the last 7 days I’ve noticed a worrying increase in…

  • Frayed tempers…
  • Irrational thinking…
  • Dumb fuckery when it comes to decisions…

And I’m not just talking about work.

Yesterday I witnessed first hand a woman in the newsagents lose her shit, because they wouldn’t open another till.

… God forbid she had to stand in line for another five minutes to wait to buy her copy of the Daily Fail.

I mean really, people all over are losing the plot.

And, I’ll be honest, I get it.

I won’t excuse it, but I get it.

… Because today, more than ever, most are actively losing control.

In fact, the Government is actively TAKING away our liberty and our control over our own decisions, our own actions and our own businesses.

And in my eyes that crosses an unseen line in the sand. 

Yet, unlike the mass majority, you and I, my friend, MUST keep our shit together.

In fact, understand this week, that trying to control what is happening is a near impossibility.

BUT you can always control how you respond.

Because the truth is, when all’s said and done, you can ALWAYS control what really matters.

That is…

  1. Control over your attitude
  2. Control over your emotions
  3. Control over your wants
  4. Control over your desires
  5. And control over your opinions

Five focuses that even in the current climate will always set men free and will empower you to see what others refuse to see.

So this week, as the cookie continues to crumble remember:

You can’t control what happened, you can control how you respond.

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