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The Power In Fast Failure *Essential Life Lesson Of Man*

June 13, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

June 13, 2021

Something to consider this week:

“Human Nature Is To Be Risk-Avers And Avoid Failure”

A life lesson if you will…

… And a natural instinct of man that’s been backed up by psychologists since the dawn of time.

But here’s what most men in this game fail to see around this universal law of the self-made man.

Failure in-fact is FEEDBACK.

… And in the cold hard light of day feedback is a good thing.

Especially as a man…

And especially as this new economy starts to rapidly emerge.

See, when push comes to shove, feedback from failure is probably the only honest opinion that most men ever get.

Because, I don’t know what it’s like for you, but in my experience and when it comes to this game, the opinions of most cannot be trusted.

  • Employees lie because they’re lazy…
  • Families lie because they want to make you feel guilty…
  • And the government lies because they want more of your money and more of your liberty..

Meaning that in the cold hard light of day the quicker men like you and I fail, the quicker REAL learning can start to begin.

Truth is, most of life’s greatest achievements will require you and I, my friend, to blindly step outside of “comfort” and move towards risk.

Because in most cases, riches and reward comes only to those willing to take a risk.

See, now more than ever, success comes from sitting on the edge of defeat and accepting that shit will never be perfect or “just right.”

Meaning this week, your mantra for money is to embrace any and all failures with open arms – by ruthlessly starting to choose to fail fast, and fail often

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