The Scaling Scandal…

June 6, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

June 6, 2023

A few months back I was invited to speak at a private swanky event in London about scaling up. 

Now, whilst waiting in the wings I watched a famous business ‘guru’ take charge and take to the stage. 

Picture the scene…

… There was lights.

… There was music.

… There was energy yells…

And then, well, there was a devastatingly depressing lecture on how to over-complicate the shit out of operating a business at scale. 

I mean, I can’t believe that in 2023 – and after The Age of Automation and AI, someone managed to send so many souls to sleep.

Needless to say, I then had to go on stage and pick up the pieces.

Seems that my cowboy boots and simplicity around scale did the trick and were the shot in the arm that the room needed to be brought back to life.

Anyway, if you were at the event and on the guestlist you already know what went down…

… But, if you weren’t, let me quickly bring you up to speed – because it’s instructive.

Look, right now, and no matter the business you’re in, there are two opposed ways to operate…

Firstly the One Man Band.  

Now, the ‘one man band’ gets a bad rep. 

Truth is they are simple. 

And they are nimble. 

Plus with minimal employees, profit margins are usually good. 

… B-U-T with just one person, capacity is low, so plateaus come around quick. 

Which means there is a ceiling on what you can make.

Can you scale to a £1M as just one man? 


… In fact, I’ve got men in my two groups that have done just this… But without the right key systems and automations, you’re making it harder than it needs to be.

Which brings me to the other option:

The Multi-Man Empire. 

A model that operates on more.

More people.

More offices.

More revenue.

After all, the more you employ the bigger your dick, right? 

Note: I said bigger dick not bigger bank balance.

Because the truth is, yes staff increase capacity… but they also increase costs.

Which would be ok IF they were competent and did what they were told…

… But you and I know that nine times out of then that’s not the case.

Made worse by the fact that more bodies mean more bloat.

So rather than increasing capacity you actually increase complexity.

And business 101 says that complexity eats profit (and speed) for breakfast.

Making turnover good but profit bad.

Truth is, neither model is of any great benefit to you, your sanity or your back-pocket.

It’s why you’d be wise to consider another way.

The One Man Empire Way.

A new way that keeps things stupid simple and still scales – without sacrificing profits. 

What some have hailed as the Keys To The Kingdom in this rapidly emerging new way of doing business:

Minimal employees.

Minimal overheads.

Minimal complexity. 

… Maximum profitability. 

That all said and let me be clear, if you choose to operate this new model there is a ceiling.

From what I’ve seen behind these closed doors, probably £1.5M – 3M. 

… But if you’re happy with a couple of million instead of a couple of billion – well, you’re in the right place.

Long story short…

If you are currently a One Man Band that is at capacity and wants to scale up…

… Or if you are rapidly becoming a Multi-Man Empire that is outspending instead of outgrowing…

Then chances are we should urgently speak about how to get you to £1M+ without an army of employees.

Best way to set that up? Simple

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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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