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The Truth About ‘Luck’, Success and Jealous Onlookers…

August 13, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

August 13, 2023

As you read this I will have disappeared…

Not in a murderous mafia way. 

More in a big metal bird kind of way. 

See, right now I’m out of the office, and spending three weeks along the Pacific coast.  

The agenda for the trip is as follows:

  • Good mountain biking…
  • Good beaches…
  • Good burgers with good old friends…

Now, the week before we flew – Barney was in rugby camp. 

For two reasons…

One, honing his skills for next season. 

Two, keeping his arse off the couch and off the Xbox. 

… And it was at this camp I had an uncomfortable and instructive conversation.

Picture the scene…

It’s the last day…

It’s the prize giving…

… And one of the other dads comes to stand next to me…

Him: “Heard you are going to Canada this summer?” 

Me: “Yep, we go next week, for most of August.”

Him: “Wow. And after all your other holidays this year – that’s lucky!” 



Now I will admit, there has been some luck…

I’m a white guy, with four working limbs, born in a safe country. 

Undoubtedly lucky. 

Yet here’s where it gets sticky….

So was he. 

In reality, lady luck had little to do with what he was really getting at. 

And chances are the same goes for your successes too. 

Truth is, nine times out of ten, when you get a comment about ‘luck’ it’s a cover story. 

It isn’t about luck at all….

It’s code for “I’m jealous.”   

The same goes for their snide comments, hidden hate and backhanded backchat.

And I get it. 

Jealousy is a hard emotion to stomach. 

When I see Elon going to space, I’m jealous. 

Yet it is worth remembering my jealousy is not Elon’s problem. 

It’s mine.

My point is this…

In this game, never feel guilty for what you have earned.

Whether it’s a big holiday… a fast car…. a space trip… or any other outward marker of success. 

If you’ve done well, I highly recommend enjoying it.

Life is short, make it sweet.

And remember, as a wise man once said:

“The Lion Doesn’t Concern Himself With The Opinion Of The Sheep”

Until next time. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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