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The Two Ways To Sleep Safely At Night

September 22, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

September 22, 2022

Time to grab a coffee and buckle up.

Today what I have for you is VITAL and essential reading if you want to bulletproof yourself from The Great British Bloodbath.” 

…Because let’s be honest, there are only two ways to sleep safely at night. 

Be ignorant or be prepared. 

And today I want to help you get prepared.

See all is not (yet) lost.

The overarching battle plan, in any downturn, is simple, effective and threefold.

Step #1: Stop Bleeding Money

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that there’s one thing that will steady any ship, in any crisis.


More importantly, cash in YOUR back pocket.

Trouble is, settling invoices and getting paid is taking longer than ever.

They say you will get paid – but the question is when.

Now, here’s what most don’t realise about delayed payments, especially at times like these.

People STOP paying.

Whether it’s bankruptcy, breakdown or just bullshit behaviour – it’s time to bear in mind that there is no longer any guarantee that you will get your money.

A problem that will only get worse as The Great British Bloodbath continues and “Nuclear November” rolls in.

In fact, if your payment terms are 7 days, 30 days, maybe 60 days, or longer – we should talk about your exposure to risk – urgently.

After all…

Cash today will ALWAYS trump the promise of payment tomorrow.

So right now you would be wise to start moving up the money pyramid.

Attracting customers with DEEP pockets.

The kind of customers who pay upfront and on time – every time.

Now it’s important to consider that these types of customers DO exist. And it’s in times like these that they come out of the woodwork and start spending money.

Because for them, price is never a determining factor. 

It’s why they keep spending and why in turbulent times they should become your safe harbour…

Step #2: Drop The Dead Wood.

Cash is only half of it.

During a big squeeze, employees are where most get REALLY fucked.

Employees eat cash for breakfast.

Made worse by the fact that as inflation continues to skyrocket, so do employee costs – by a factor of two.

That’s before you take into consideration that they will be asking for even more money, sooner rather than later.

Not to mention, that post COVID, most of the mass mediocre majority have never been more work-shy or lazy.

Something I suspect is a direct result of receiving hefty hand-outs and free money while frolicking on furlough.

It’s why aimlessly adding body after body to any business never works because most employees are nothing more than dead wood.

The fact of the matter is, even if you could get free labour, on tap, that did what you asked when you asked it…

It makes you slow and cumbersome.

It’s why as a rule you’re wise to keep business interests LEAN and agile whenever there’s an economic downturn.

It means you can turn on a dime and in a blink of an eye.

Which of course is Darwinism 101.

Adapt or die.

Making the mantra for money in any financial meltdown, this:

Minimises Employees. Maximises Systems. 

Because systems set men free…

… While keeping overheads low and profits high. 

Step #3: Beware Of False Profits.

Knowing that cash and systems are the only way to survive and thrive in this crisis is key. 

Yet here is the thing…

They will do very little — if anything — unless you act.

After all – nothing happens until something gets done.

Procrastination is dangerous at any time for any man. 

And in a downturn? 

Procrastination is suicide. 

Because at times like these, if you don’t act, you die.

The fastest way to FORCE action?


In fact, a lack of accountability is why most men fall at the first hurdle even with a plan in place – because directionless distraction starts to rule the roost.

It’s why in order to survive this great new depression, you’d be wise to have other men standing in your corner and calling you to arms.

Consider that having other smart ambitious men holding you to account.

An expectation that you will stand and deliver no matter the tornado of shit.

See, accountability keeps you committed to your cause – even when the world is at war.

It’s why the Romans invented the Senate. It’s why I assembled The Alliance.

… And it’s why this movement, this group, The Alliance, is helping everyday men at the helm of their own business to become bulletproof by taking back control – for good.

Some failed to take action on my pre-pandemic warnings.

But fortunately, I was able to prepare and protect the small group of men under my wing when the worst hit.

Meaning unlike most, these men came out of COVID unscathed, unaffected and intact. 

In fact, most come out the other side bigger, stronger and more profitable than ever.

Now, unfortunately, it appears that thousands of self-made men in this great nation today are going to be faced with a similar choice.

They, like you, can either heed this warning and take a few simple steps to profit and prosper… 

… Or they can get swept off their feet when the rug suddenly gets yanked out from underneath.

But there’s not long left to decide. 

This bloodbath has begun and once “Nuclear November” hits, it’ll already be too late.

Which is why, right now, The Alliance is a smart, logical next step for you to take.

More on that here:

>> https://theonemanempire.com/the-alliance/

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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