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The Unsophisticated Secret To Steady Scale (That’s Despised By Sophisticated People)

March 17, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

March 17, 2022

So at 6.15 am on Monday, I’m in pain and I’m fucked.

Literally can’t get out of bed.

Turn’s out my back had seized up (again).

Something I’ve since found out was a severe muscle spasm.

… And something I suspect was to do with too many years on the ice, too many years behind a wheelbarrow and too few years focused on flexibility.

Barney thought it was hilarious.

He said I looked like Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.

Emma was more sympathetic.

Anyway long story short they helped me hobble to Claire, my osteopath.

The good news is, for now, I can once again stand up straight.

Now here’s what’s interesting about that.

I’m 40 this year…

… And as I lay there getting re-adjusted, re-aligned and re-assembled I muttered to Claire these faterfull words:

“I guess I’m starting to get old and stiff…”

She swiftly shot me down:

“In fact Charlie, you get stiff and THEN you get old.”

… Or in other words, and in her experience, stiffening up is NOT a symptom of age it’s the cause.

It’s why her prescription to stay young, as I get old, was – Stay Flexible.

A mantra for money and an interesting school of thought that most men in our shoes would be wise to understand IF they want to continue to profit and prosper as they grow older and scale.

Because here’s the thing…

Just like men, as your business grows in size, scale and sophistication it too will stiffen up and get slow – IF you let it.

Meaning, you lose the flexibility you need to keep growing.

In fact, if you’ve been in this game for a while and if you’ve started to see new competitors come in and start winning…

… Then chances are this is the reason why. 

They are young and they are flexible.

It’s why in my mind stiffness is always a curse for the self-made man.

And why right now, if you’ve started to notice that things are slow down as you scale – you’d be wise to SIMPLIFY.

Because simplicity gives flexibility.

Meaning it might be time to consider burning any and all sophisticated, complex and problematic shit to the ground – so that you can stay flexible and young.

It’s the best way to take back control and it’s the unsophisticated secret to steady scale in any business.

It’s why I dislike armies of employees…

It’s why I despise layers of bureaucracy…

… And it’s why I will always choose LEAN over layers.

After all and in economies like these, history has proven again and again that the spoils will always go to those who can adapt and change with speed and full force.

It’s Darwinism 101.

Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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