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This kills hopes of 1M+ dead…

April 18, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

April 18, 2023

Let’s talk about the biggest business killer of all time…

Now despite what you might think, this dark force is NOT inflation.

It’s NOT Brexit.

It’s NOT the Tories.

And it’s NOT even the new “stealth” taxes or restrictive red tape.

It’s much, much worse than that.

It’s something that doesn’t require any legislation or parliamentary approval.

Something that has the power to take your money, take your profits, take your time and bleed them dry – without batting an eyelid.

The traitor in your midst?


Let me explain.

Rewind three months and I ordered a new dining table.

Now, this thing is handmade, solid oak and possibly the finest piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen.

… However, I will never use, or spend money with this carpenter again.

Here’s why. 

The process went like this:

  1. Find a carpenter who makes good tables. 
  2. Give him a few grand. 
  3. Wait.
  4. Wait.
  5. Chase.
  6. Get fobbed off
  7. Wait.
  8. Chase again.
  9. Wait
  10. Table delivered (5 weeks late)


An utter schitt show of delays, drags and dumb-fu**ery. 

Now I get it.

In any business where there is a tail on the deliverable, hold-ups do happen.

… B-U-T if you don’t consider keeping the customer in the loop they will pester, poke and persecute.

Fast becoming the all-consuming mother of all time sucks.

And I know. I know. 

It’s not your fault.

They are unreasonable, a pain in the arse and irrational.

The thing is though, it doesn’t matter.

Because the more they get annoyed, spooked, or pissed off – the more they pester.

So best fix the source of the problem.

It’ll save you time and money, almost immediately.

The best way to do that?

Stop relying on humans (or staff) to keep customers in the loop. 

See, humans get busy, sick and drop the ball.

Sure manual updates might have been ok when you started out, but once you get to a certain point it just won’t cut the mustard. 

There isn’t the capacity or the time.

After all, what got you here won’t get you there.

See to push to 1M+, men like you and I must start to think differently to break the bottlenecks.

In this case, think automated.

… Automated real-time, or staged updates so that the customer stays happy and leaves you alone. 

Imagine that… 

No more annoying emails… 

No more late-night voicemails… 

No more irate phone calls.

Just silence. 


That all said, let me clear this “automation” thing up…

When I say automated – you know it’s automated, I know it’s automated.

… But the customer doesn’t have a clue.

Because it looks like YOU sent the update, personally, and by hand.

Which means you build goodwill and happy customers – fast.

… And I don’t know about you, but in my experience, happy customers always come and spend more.

Plus… they refer.  

Again and again and again. 

Which makes them very, very scalable.

Meaning your profit goes through the roof without you having to hire any more staff. 

It’s One Man Empire 101.

Automate or Die.

So if you’re ready to push to 1M+ without adding any more employees to your business, here’s what I’d urge you to do next:

  • Read the page below
  • Fill in the application 
  • Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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