This will make you squirm

February 14, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

February 14, 2023

This story is gonna get dark…

It’s not mine to share so it’s anonymous. 

The questions it throws up are likely to make you squirm. 

See over New Year something happened to one of the men behind these closed doors…

More specifically, something bad happened to one of his children. 

The kind of curveball nobody wants. 

As their kid recovered, he dealt with the police, the hospital and the fallout…

This man was MIA and totally out of his business for a month. 

Good news…

His kid is on the mend.  

… And the business didn’t crumble.

… And his one employee didn’t present him with a metric-fuck-tonne of headaches upon his return. 

In fact, he had his best month ever. 


  1. His business is super simple 
  2. He has it automated and systemised
  3. Once it was simple and automated he scaled to 1M+.  

….Technically over a million last year but who’s counting?

And that brings me back to making you squirm… 

Could YOU be out of your business for more than a couple of weeks? A month? More? 

Reality is, most in this game could not. 

And even if you could be out for a short while…

… Can you do that without coming back to headaches, fires and shit falling through the cracks?

The sad truth is, too many men in this game have built a business that’s a prison.  

(I did and it nearly killed me.) 

Which is ironic when you consider that most men get into this game for more freedom, not less.

Point being, if you want to push to 1M+ in a way that allows you to take time out – you’d be wise to focus on these three things:

  1. Simplify. 
  2. Automate.
  3. Scale.

It’s exactly what you can do here and when you deploy our unique S.A.S Protocol™. 

It’s how Jon hit his first 50,000 month inside his 3-man engineering practice. 

Steve in Walsall hit 1.2M with no employees.

… And how Phil hit 1.5M in 12 months.


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Charlie Hutton


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