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(Un)surprising truth about ChatGPT

February 2, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

February 2, 2023

Last week I got this question from Rav in Manchester:


Charlie, do you use ChatGPT? 

Should I be using it? 

I’m thinking of losing my freelance copywriter and using this instead. 

Is this the best automation tool for an accountancy practice? Ta, Rav 


Seems the world and his wife have opinions on this latest AI tool.  

To answer Rav’s question(s) at surface level…

  • Do I use it? In One Man Empire, no. In some other businesses, yes. 
  • Should you use it? Probably, for ideas at least. Put effort into prompts.
  • Are copywriters out of a job? Not the good ones. 
  • Is this the best automation tool for accountants? No. 

Now let’s go deeper…

See, ChatGPT is very (very) clever. 

Plus it’s shiny and new and humans love that. 

Yet chances are, unless your automation game is at world cup level, efforts are best spent elsewhere. 

Here’s why: 

Automation is about duplicating YOU. 

Removing grunt work and unlocking scale to push to 1M+.

The painful truth most fail to realise, especially those plateauing or going backwards? 

YOU are the bottleneck in the business… YOU’ve built it from the ground up… and YOU are the lynchpin holding it together. 

The real kick in the crotch? 

Even if you have staff, they still come to YOU asking stupid questions.

So you end up being the one with his fingers in all the pies, the one copied in on all the emails, and the one handling all the fallout.

Meaning it’s time to consider that in order to push to 1M+ you need to free yourself from admin tasks and grunt work ASAP.

Things like delegating tasks, chasing payments, customer updates and the like.

See automation takes this shit off your plate, and either does it automatically, or hands it off to someone else… on auto-pilot. 

No more waking up at 3 am and thinking: 

“Fuck, I forgot to…” 

Because automation takes you out of the equation – completely.

… Left free to focus elsewhere, so that you can SCALE.

It’s how Chris replaced eight employees with a fully automated system that doubled his business, almost overnight.

How Matt got back 24 hours a week and hit the half-million mark.

And how Alex automated 107 tasks and scaled to his first 60K month.

So if you too are interested in breaking free of no man’s land, getting back 21 hrs a week, and pushing to 1M+ in revenue – without adding any more employees to your business…


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Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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