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Unusually sentimental and sensitive…

November 30, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

November 30, 2021

Well, my friend, that’s it. 

Applications for The Alliance are CLOSED and the opportunity, for now, is done. 

The last couple of weeks have been eye opening on a personal level and (unusually) sentimental…

See, I was prepared for The Alliance to be a ‘hit’ with a core group of men that have been around this tribe since its conception, B-U-T the response has been overwhelming.

If you have taken the time to apply, then thank you. 

Truth is, I have spoken to a lot of great men from all four corners of the UK over the past two weeks… 

Many of those conversations have been brilliant – intelligent, ambitious and sweary. 

There have been war stories ranging from the unbelievable to the funny. 

Tales from the trenches that only go to prove what I knew all along. This great nation houses many men of honour and virtue that have a fortitude beyond the mass mediocre majority.  

If I was excited for The Alliance before, well, let’s just say it is going to be epic. 

…And legends will be made.

That said, if you missed out this time, I can’t promise when I will next open the doors. 

Right now, there is no immediate plan to go beyond the first five men aka Alliance Team ONE. 

Truthfully, with The Fellowship already at full bore, it’s been a metric-fuck-tonne of work to get The Alliance to this point.  

See, the reason I’ve not done something at this level before is that I was totally unwilling to ‘half arse’ it. 

So despite the emails asking for it (you know who you are), it was a hard NO – until I could fully commit. 

Because in this game, and in my experience, you’re either all in – or you’re out.

And now – I’m all in. 

…So let’s fucking go.

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