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[Update] Ditching Mediocrity, Chasing Boldness

October 29, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

October 29, 2023

For the last two weeks, my email has been rammed – with questions.

Not about anything business-related… 

It’s mostly been about Barney (my 10-year-old). 

See last month, I shared he was on the fence about going for House Captain at school. 

He wanted in, but fear was holding him back.

The all too common situation of wanting to put your head above the parapet but not wanting to lose – in front of everybody. 

Anyway, I didn’t share what happened… 

It got left on a cliffhanger. 

And it turns out that you and the other smart ambitious men on this list do not like to be left hanging. 

So my inbox has been overrun: 

“Charlie, how did your lad get on? Did he go for House Captain? What happened?”

Well, let me close the loop… 

He chose to back himself.

He went for it. 

He won. 

And so for a good week, he was like a dog with two dicks…

… As his “House Captain” badge took pride of place on his tie. 

Yet here’s what’s really instructive, especially for men like you and I…

H-O-W he won…  

See, the way the school decides on House Captains works like this…  

Each House gets together.

Each kid going for Captain nervously makes a two-minute speech. 

Once the speeches are done, each kid in the audience gets one vote – on a sticky note.

Whoever has the most sticky notes with their name on – wins. 

A simple yet effective system. 

Here’s how the speeches went down.

Most stuck to the traditional route.

A 120-second mediocre monologue about why they would be the best for the job…

‘I’m great!’

‘I’m really fun!’

‘I like all of you!’

Yada yada yada. 

Barney went down a different path… 

First things first he SOLD.

To their needs and their desires – not his.

Then, well, in the final minute, he unleashed hell and full fury…

He started a simple chant. 

“Vote for Bar-ney!” 

“Vote for Bar-ney!”

“Vote for Bar-ney!”

I asked him how it went down.

He replied:

“At the start, it was just me… then by the third one EVERYONE was doing it. It was really (really) loud dad, they even heard it upstairs!” 

Apparently, they had to be told to ‘calm down.’ 

Always a sign of a good time. 

And when it comes to getting your name on that precious sticky note…

Turns out kids (like adults) remember chanting and fist bumps above all else.  

Which is a good reminder.  

See, I suspect that if you’re like most men in this game you have a least a couple of competitors. 

Which means being remembered is key and half the battle. 

And in my experience, being remembered is a damn sight easier when you stand out from the crowd and make a noise.

It comes back to One Man Empire Iron Law #53:

“Rebellion: Always Go Left When The World Goes Right”

Your back pocket will thank you for it. 

Until next time. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton 


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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