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What would Y-O-U do in this situation?

February 20, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

February 20, 2024

Today let’s talk about a difficult situation… 

It’s something most men in this game will have to face up to in one way or another.

See back in January one of my member’s kids got sick. 

In hospital for a good long while sick. 

Yet Chris (member) had a big 30K / month customer breathing down his neck… 

This customer wanted work done. 

And they refused to wait. 

So what does he do? 

What would Y-O-U do? 

Most would agree he should tell that customer to jump off the closest cliff …

But in reality? 

Chances are, for most men in this game, this wouldn’t happen. 

You’d do the work.  

You’d squeeze in it, somehow or some way. 

And you’d bend the knee to keep the customer. 

Now, I’ll share the outcome of Chris’s story in a moment… 

Because here’s the thing…

Most get into this game for two reasons:

  1. More money.  
  1. More freedom. 

Yet what often happens is that in the hunt for more money, all freedom is lost. 

The business whether doing well (or not) becomes a prison of your own making. 

The same was true for me when I started in this game…  

Taking calls and emails at all times of the day and night. 

Bending over to keep customers happy. 

Saying ‘yes’ no matter how broken you are. 

All to keep the money rolling in. Yet…

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can have it all.

Money and freedom. 

That is exactly what One Man Empire is about. 

It’s exactly what the S.A.S. protocols are there for… 

Turning chaotic businesses into Simple, Automated machines that Scale. 

… meaning you get more money and freedom by the bucketload.  

Which brings me back to Chris…

He kissed the crappy customer goodbye and took care of his family. 

“Walking away from wannnnnkers” was how he put it. 

The good news is, thanks to being behind my four walls, Chris’ business is now simple and automated. 

So whilst he was at the hospital, the sales machine did the heavy lifting. 

And within the week a new customer was signed up and replaced the ‘lost’ money without the wannnkery. 

Truth is Chris has scaled from 12k to 48k per month with no employees, meaning acres of profit.

And has the freedom to drop it all when needed, without losing a penny. 

The best news of all? 

His daughter is on the mend. 

She’s home, oblivious to how poorly she was, and enjoying her newfound discovery – ice cream floats. 

So today, take this as it was intended – a loving kick up the arse. 

A reminder that… 

You don’t have to choose between money and freedom. 

You don’t have to put customers above your freedom. 

You don’t have to bend over backwards to make good money. 

And if you are doing that? 

Well, that my friend is on you.  

So if you’re ready to enjoy money and freedom, and it is your time to scale to 1M+ without an army of employees…  

Here’s what to do next.

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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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