over 3 years in business And still Struggling to breakthrough 10-25k per month?

£1M+ One Man Empire

How To Escape The Hamster Wheel, Take Back Control, And Push To £1M+

...Without Any More Employees

(No Matter Your Current Size, Location Or Industry)

Profit is up 130% and this year we'll hit £4M. If you’d asked us 18 months ago if this is possible, I’d have said not a chance.” Ian Stone  - Director, Acorn Asbestos

Skeptical? Good. Read On.

Listen to this dispatch:

Urgent Dispatch - 1M+ One Man EmpireUrgent Dispatch - 1M+ One Man Empire

FROM: Lichfield, Small Market Town, United Kingdom

Warning: This is one of the longest pages you will ever read about successfully scaling up.


Well, first, because it includes a monumental amount of "How To".

Brand new insight on the science of scale in this rapidly emerging new economy. Timely content from my documentaries, books and publications that have already been proven to take broken one man bands and forge them into powerful 1M+ One Man Empire’s - almost overnight.

Second, because it's about a very, very important and time-sensitive subject - you starting to play this game on your terms, at scale and before it’s too late.

In fact, as you keep reading, I'm going to get deep into the topic of "FREEDOM" and why the sands of time on your opportunity to create financial independence from within the belly of your business, are drastically slipping through your fingers.

Because let me be clear…

This Is about MONEY And About Making It Differently...

Quicker, easier and in dramatically bigger chunks than you, and most others are used to.

Not just making it, but having it magnetically attracted to you, and your business, predictably and with total CONSISTENCY.

Third, at the bottom of this page, I'm going to ask you to make an important decision.

Now, despite it being 'risk-free' I want you to have all the information you need, and more, so that you are 100% confident that this is the right thing for you to do next.

Before we get started, let me offer a word of caution. Most won’t want any part of this.

It's Not Popular Opinion...

Some of what I’m about to walk you through WILL be controversial

It goes against the grain and pokes holes in much of what you’re hearing about scale and growth in the new economy of today.

After all, even in 2024, the mere mention of making more money, let alone having the courage to push to 1M+ is still considered taboo and not proper - despite the fact that there has never been such a need for men like you and I, to keep the wheels of commerce turning for the greater good.

Meaning this…

If you are sheepish about your desires for more - content with settling and accepting that you should be “lucky” for what you already have...

Or if you are happy to blindly keep following the blind, toeing the line, convinced that deep down if you just “keep on keeping on,” more money will magically fall from the sky because you deserve it...

…Then I can tell you right now, you should NOT keep reading…

Because today...

I have no plans on sugarcoating what’s about to punch you in the face...

... If you refuse to shift how you scale up.

In fact, as you keep reading, I plan on giving you nothing but the facts of your current situation, and where that leaves your options for scaling to 1M+ right now…

In other words…

If my friend, you are hungry, ambitious and highly motivated to kick your business, independence and manhood into high gear, then let me congratulate you on your courage to keep reading.

All things considered, this page could be the one thing that finally separates the reason from the madness.

But first…

Time To Stop Kidding Yourself And Be Honest...


Maybe, like me, and so many other smart ambitious men who hit this page you started this journey on the hunt for more. 

Maybe more freedom. Maybe more wealth. Maybe more choice.

Maybe despite the doubts of others, you doubled down on yourself and took the leap of faith to go it alone anyway - knowing you had the guts and determination to do what needed to be done today, in order to have what you want tomorrow.

Maybe it all started going to plan. 

Maybe the customers started coming in, maybe the sacrifices started paying off, maybe you started smelling success.

And then, maybe… W-H-A-M. Things started tumbling like a house of cards.

Maybe not tumbling exactly. Maybe just a sense that…

You've lost momentum and started standing still...

Maybe you thought it was just a temporary slump and not an ongoing disaster. Yet here you still are, weeks, months or even years down the line and the bar’s not moved an inch.

Maybe it’s your motivation that’s missing

Maybe it’s not a lack of motivation, it’s just that you’re tied and it’s getting harder to summon enough energy to do what needs to be done.

Maybe it’s not tiredness; instead, perhaps you frequently feel sad or anxious or even angry.

Maybe it’s because you’re being dragged in 1001 directions.

Maybe it feels like you’re living on a hamster wheel. Existing in a world where yes, you’re moving, but life is passing you by as weeks, months and years seem to effortlessly slip through your fingers.

Maybe you’ve seen what others have done and the time in which they’ve done it, and you think to yourself…

Maybe It Used To Be Easier...

Maybe you tried grinding it out. Maybe more hours. Maybe more work. Maybe more sacrifices. Only to hit the wall and see first-hand that working your tail off is no longer a scaleable business strategy - especially if freedom is the name of the game.

Maybe you tried getting more customers or different customers or even better customers. But they all expect their pound of flesh so it ends up being the same song, different dance.

Maybe it’s not their expectations exactly, it’s their endless demands for you to drop everything and be at their beck and call - no matter the time, and no matter the day.

Maybe it’s not a customer thing. Maybe it's a capacity thing.

Maybe you tried adding an extra pair of hands to lighten the load. Only to realise more cooks always spoil the broth and instead of easing your workload, babysitting an army of employees only adds to it.

Maybe over time, you’ve tried idea after idea and opportunity after opportunity... but have never quite been able to break the bottleneck and scale up - no matter how much you persist... 

Maybe as the business has got older the responsibilities have increased and so have the problems. Not little problems like you had before but big problems - ones that never seem to get solved, and ones that only seem to get worse as they are endlessly carried from day to day.

So Maybe you’ve been left desperately clutching at straws, frantically throwing mud at the wall to see what might stick. Feeling, deep down, that your wife and your kids are fading into the distance and still suffering is silence…

Maybe You're Starting To Doubt Your Success...

… Doubt the direction. Doubt the effort. Doubt the decisions. You wonder, “What am I missing?” “What is the business missing?” “What can I do about it?

Maybe that doubt means you’re slipping back into old habits and old patterns as you can’t figure out what to do, or the best way to do it. 

Maybe you’ve dipped into savings. Maybe not savings, maybe profits. Maybe you thought borrowing money would kill the chaos, but it went out as fast as it came in - without touching the sides or denting the deadlock.

Maybe you’re seriously committed to making changes, but as of yet you still haven’t been able to deliver on the promises you made or the hopes that you had.

Maybe you think about the potential this business has, that you have, and as you do, maybe you’ve started to suddenly realise that enough is no longer enough.

After all, and as you think about it…

Maybe You Expected More...

Maybe she expected more.

Maybe they all expected more of you, by now. 

Maybe it’s why, despite a core of inner strength, you feel like your suffering from isolation, doubt, and self-sabotage.

Maybe it’s made worse by the fact that regardless of what is seen on the outside, deep down behind the mask you’re wrestling with anxiety and guilt.

Either Way, This Game is Taking It's Toll And Leaving A Dark Mark...

No surprise really when you’re ferociously fighting fires and relentlessly doing what needs to be done, in order to provide and protect.

Here’s the rub, it isn’t getting easier, and you probably thought it would.

And I get it.

I’ve been there. I was there. It nearly cost me my marriage, my son and my livelihood.

So trust me when I say this, if you've ever felt like you're on the cusp of something big, but sensed in the pit of your stomach that you’re sacrificing everything to just stand still - or worse, go backwards - then it’s time to consider…

The Overwhelm Is To Blame...

I know about the hamster wheel of overwhelm up close and personal, it’s a place here that I call No Man’s Land:

A place, that in my experience starts with a simple trigger - overstretch.

A trigger too often caused by taking on work you know you can’t fit in - because you feel you have to say “yes.”

And here’s the problem with that, eventually…

It Means You Start To Choke...

A place where you’re still awake at 2.37 a.m. and you’re like, “ARGH!”

  • ARGH I’ve still got emails to do…
  • ARGH I’ve still got quotes to follow up…
  • ARGH I’ve still got customers to deal with…
  • ARGH I’ve got a family that deserves my time…
  • And ARGH I don’t have the time to do all of it…

And herein lies the big problem with choking – something has to give.

And when something has to give, the lowest hanging fruit falls from the tree and stops you dead in your tracks:

  • Sales stop.
  • Marketing stops.
  • Family stops.

So more bombs start to drop, and…

The Persecution The Follows...

Now, I don’t know about you, but for most men that play this game, that persecution means:

  • Persecution from customers for dragging your feet…
  • Persecution from prospects because you’ve not returned their calls…
  • And, most importantly, persecution from your spouse or partner because you’re never 100% present at home.

And I get it.

Persecution is not fair.

Because, when push comes to shove, it’s not your fault.

I mean, after all, you’re just trying to do the right thing – be the man of the house, and that sometimes means sacrifices.

Trouble is, those sacrifices – and the internal justification of WHY they’re OK – don’t fix the guilt, or stop the arguments at home.

It’s EXACTLY why, in my experience, persecution drags most to the bottom of the barrel.

A place of even longer workdays, sleepless nights and more suffering. One that leaves you more frustrated, fatigued and PANICKED as your body suffers both mentally and physically.


You Persist And Suffer In Silence...

That's nose to the grindstone in the distant hope that you can fight your way out of this misery by just working harder and getting stuff done.

Because that’s what men are supposed to do, right?

Persist in one thing, and one thing only – WORK.

Work that’s justified to those around us by the backwards belief that everything will be OK if we can just:

  • Get that next thing ticked off the list.
  • Get that customer off our back.
  • Make that next sale.

Now the funny thing is, if you persistently work for long and hard enough, you feel you might turn it around. 

But The Hamster Wheel Never Stops...

The death cycle never stops.

No Man's Land never stops.

It’s why feast and famine is so prevalent and why the divorce rate for the likes of you and I at the helm of our own business is so eye-wateringly high.

... Because in my experience, a man trapped in No Man’s Land, is like a dog at the end of a leash.

Yes, he can move but never to his full potential or never of his own free will.

And before you say it…


More Customers Is NOT The Answer...

You see, there is a funny thing that happens when you scale.

Customers come to only want to deal with you - the man at the top - because they feel anyone else in the business isn’t quite up to scratch.

So you end up being the one with his fingers in all the pies.

The one doing all the calls.

The one copied in on all the emails.

And the one handling all the fallout, usually at the weekend or out of hours - and even if you have employees on the ground.

Meaning the lion’s share of the work sits with one man, the very same man who in most circumstances is at the end of his tether.

So make no bones about it, customers…

They Eat Scale For Breakfast...

… Unless you have the capacity to handle them.

And so it’s back to the drawing board, and why most bite the bullet and employee-up.

One last-ditch attempt to keep growing and break the deadlock.

The trouble is…

More Employees Will not Help You Either...

See, here’s what people don’t realise when their back is against the wall.

People get hired out of necessity, and not strategy.

And when you hire out of necessity, most never pick the right person for the job.

Even after all the sifting and all the sorting, yes you have another body…


  • They make excuses.
  • They have no drive.
  • They do the bare minimum.

And sure you try everything; bonuses, training maybe different ways of hiring - but the result is always the same.

They Need too much babysitting...

Meaning you pay for more bodies, more payroll and more ball ache - without the bump in money to back it up.

Little wonder those who choose to employee up can never profitably scale.


Rather than reducing overstretch, more employees amplify it.

It’s the very reason that most plateau and most can never profitably scale - because it’s impossible to handle anymore without it all collapsing like a house of cards.

Little Wonder Even Booming Businesses Are Being Eaten Alive...

Those with their head in the sand will tell you that it’s part and parcel of standing on your own two feet.

That it’s just life and ‘just business.’

That if you stay positive and hope - things will get better over time.

But it doesn't matter.

This problem is here today - now.

Surely enough is enough and the sacrifices have to stop.

Thankfully There Is Another Way...

There is no reason to suffer sleepless nights, anxiety and uncertainty over the unpredictable nature of this game.

It’s probably why most end up on this page.

They suspect there is a better way.

They hope there is another way.

They’ve heard that maybe there is a proven way to get more results and more freedom - in less time and without an army of employees.

The only way for security and  Scalability In this New Economy...

Which is why right now, if an ounce of what you keep reading rings true - I’d urge you to think for a moment and open up your mind.

… Open up your mind and consider the possibility that there really IS another way - a better way.

A proven way to get groundbreaking momentum, free up 21 hours a week and push to £1m+ in revenue - in your current operation - without adding more bodies to your business.

A new way that’s been hailed as…

£1M+ One Man Empire

And I get it.

A “£1M+ One Man Empire” is a bold statement.

And yet the results from the last decade speak for themselves.

So my friend, even though it might not feel like it now, I’d urge you to keep reading and consider that with a subtle shift, the right guidance with a set of three proven protocols - this new way is not only possible but within your reach.

Because this is a science to scale that’s been deployed globally.

A framework that’s been proven time and time again, in industry after industry, country after country, man after man.

Your Business As A Scalable Machine Backed By Three S.A.S Protocols™...

A system scientifically designed to forge your business and your livelihood in fire with three 3 easy steps…

Simplify. Automate. Scale.

In fact, if you feel like this is harder than it needs to be - chances are it’s because you’ve created a monster, not a simple, automated machine that scales.

Good news, here’s how you fix it - step by step:

Step 1: We Simplify Fast, Stop The Rot And Get You Profitable Right Away...

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that there's one thing and one thing only that you need to put front and center.


More importantly, cash flow.

And here’s the thing…

When a consistent flow of cash is king, there is one trap you must avoid at all costs:

Dead weight.

…And taking on more of it.

Because let me be clear:

  • Markets that aren’t profitable - they’re dead weight.
  • Customers that aren’t profitable - they’re dead weight
  • Products and services that aren’t profitable - they’re dead weight

See dead weight always adds complexity, and complexity always takes its pound of flesh.

Meaning if scalable cashflow is the name of the game you must be ruthless and your dead weight must go. Now. Today.

Because here’s the kicker…

Deadweight Is Making You Slow, Complex And Open To Attack...

… A-n-d it makes scaling to 1M+ without needing an army of employees almost impossible.

In fact, if you’ve been static or sporadic for 3 months or more, I’d have you consider you have a dead weight problem.

Because to get to 1M+ you need to keep things lean and leveraged, and that my friend means…

You Must Burn All Bloat To The Ground…

A subtle and simple shift to a model driven by…

  • ONE profitable audience
  • ONE profitable offering
  • ONE profitable process

Consider that a ruthless killing of complexity so that…

You Only Offer The Profitable, The Simple And The Easy To Deliver…

After all, when you double down on core competencies you stand out, and when you stand out you can command prices based on value, not costs.

Little wonder, it’s the most efficient way to get cash consistently flowing in and at scale.

And look I get it.

Maybe once upon a time, being all things to all men might have cut the mustard.

But at scale, and in this new world order?

Well, as I’m sure you’ve started to see, it’s only a matter of time before you’re banging your head against a ceiling or racing to the bottom on price.

It’s why

To Scale Up You Must Simplify Down

… And it’s why here, I focus on simplification first, and above all else.

Truth be told, and if the results are to be believed, simplifying will force you to kill the carnage and get more profitable - faster than anything else.

Meaning not only do you get a consistent cash injection, but you also put a bullet in being bent over backwards, by starting to take back control - for good.

Think about that:

  • Less chaos
  • Less complexity
  • Less commoditisation

… And:

More money at more margin.

I think you’ll agree, a smart starting point for your initial baptism of fire into what’s possible here and behind my four walls.

… But before you get too excited, and before you start thinking about what that will look like for you and how it will make you feel, let me turn your attention to your second pivotal step.

"I came into this off the back of a failed marriage, the business I'd created was too complex and creating too many problems at home.

The first thing I did was simplify and streamline the offering. Within months I wen't from overworked and underpaid to a highly profitable £63K per month

The best part being, because we now only offer one thing, we're faster, quicker and more profitable than everyone else in the market."

Matt Harmsworth - Director, Roavr Environmental

Step 2: We Automate The Grunt Work, Kill Manual Tasks And Get You Back 21hrs A Week...

Look, cash is only half of it.

See when it comes to scaling up, capacity is where most really get hit H-A-R-D…

After all, it’s your capacity to consistently deliver, that keeps the cash continuously coming in.

And, if your capacity dips?

Well, people start chasing

You start reacting

And good quickly turns to bad as you start getting pulled from pillar to post.

In fact, if you’ve ever experienced feast and famine you’ve probably suffered first-hand from your cashflow crushing your capacity.

It’s why once you get the cash consistently coming in, creating capacity is mine and your next nut to crack.

Now in terms of capacity, if efficient scale is what you want, then you’d be wise to create it from three things, and three things ONLY:

  • Automations
  • Systems
  • Processes

NOT employees.

Because the truth is:

Employees Are Not Scalable...

Not even the good ones - here’s why…

As inflation continues to skyrocket, so do employee costs – by a factor of two.

That’s before you take into consideration that sooner rather than later, they will want more money - again.

It’s a cross that a few of us can afford to bear, especially right now and especially when most employees have never been more lazy, or work-shy.

Not to mention, of course, they’re only humans.

They Get Sick, Take Holidays, And Rarely Think For Themselves…

It’s why aimlessly adding body after body, to any business, never consistently creates capacity - because employees cost a king's ransom in both time and money.

The fact of the matter is, even if you could get free labour, on tap, that did what you asked when you asked it…

Bloat from bodies makes you slow and cumbersome.


And remember…

… As a rule and as you scale, you’d be wise to keep your business interests LEAN and agile. It means you can turn on a dime and in the blink of an eye.

Which makes your cash cow for capacity this:

Time To Automate Now & Fast, Or Die!

In other words, you’d be wise to start automating and systemising the grunt work so that things consistently happen on time, every time - like clockwork, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

It’s machine-first thinking and the only way to remove bottlenecks as you scale.


It’s Way More Scalable (And Efficient) Than Adding More Hours Or  Bodies…

The best part being, once you have automated systems in place - if you then have to bring bodies on board, there’s no more babysitting and no more backchat.

You just plug people into the process.

The machine then deploys and delegates their daily drudge.


Without you having to lift a finger.

Finally giving you an asset and a system for making money that YOU OWN AND CONTROL.

It’s how Mcdonald's gets low-paid people to do high-skilled work, and how you my friend, can do exactly the same - consistently and at scale.

And look, I know.

You can’t automate everything.

… But what if you can start taking 10%, 20% even 50% of the grunt work off your plate, hour after hour, week after week - automatically?

Imagine that…

Your quoting, delegating, follow-up and more, knocked out of the park for good.

you Wipe Out Reactivity And Reliance Overnight…


  • Minimal employees. 
  • Maximum systems.

… And creating the kind of capacity needed to start hitting £1M+  without you needing an army of employees.

Because let me be clear, there’s a funny thing that happens when you start letting the machines rise.

  • They never stop working.
  • They never let up.
  • They never get sick.

They just do the work, predictably and consistently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s why:

Systems set men free.

… And exactly why they help you keep overheads low and profits high as you scale. 

"So far I have automated and systemised over 1,000 touch points that me or my team were doing manually.

This has easily allowed me to get back 2,000+ man hours in the office, and instantly allowed me to create capacity - something I needed urgently in order to scale up. 

This shift to AUTOMATION has given me 100% confidence that the right things are happening at the right time - whether I'm here in the UK or in the office at Spain."

Hayden Dando- Director, Lionheart Security

Step 3: We Scale Sales, Grow Quickly And Leverage Your Profit-Pumping Machine.

Knowing that cashflow and capacity are your two initial pieces to the puzzle is key, will do very little if anything, unless you act fast to scale the amount of money in the bank.

See stagnation is dangerous at any time for any man. 

And in the current economic climate?


Right Now Stagnation Is Suicide...

Because at times like these, if you don't scale, you die.

Thanks to energy hikes, rate increases, fuel prices, and the like….

It's back to Money Maths 101.

Higher Costs + Less Income = Bloodbath

... After all, if costs go up 20%.

And what you make only goes up 10%.

You’re still down ten points - even though technically you are making more money.

A slippery slope to the bottom and the reason why so many end up back at square one.

You Need Double To Stand Still…

Trouble is, too many times, too many men are leaving too much money on the table.

They undercharge and they undersell.

In fact, if you’ve ever heard a client mutter the words:

“Oh I didn’t know you did that” 

“Oh we like you because you’re cheap ”

… You too my friend are losing money left, right and centre.

And you’ll never create the kind of capital you need to hit £1M+ or make exiting your business profitable.

It’s why your final piece of the puzzle and your next moral obligation must be to create capital and post-tax profit- at scale.

Time To Maximize The Movement Of Money In Your Favour…

Ideally from your client's pocket to yours.

… And what normally takes the form of:

  • Maximising how much they spend.
  • Maximising how quickly they spend.
  • Maximising how often they keep spending.

Three levers for scale that you should start forcefully focusing in your favour.

What some call… 

The Art And Science of Leveraged Lifetime Customer Value...

You double down on that with a premium price point and a premium position in your market and well, the post-tax profits and capital you start to create, will blow your mind.

Think about it.

How much more confident would you feel knowing that no matter the storm, no matter the climate and no matter the market - there is working capital in the bank.

It’s About Building A War Chest

A lump sum. A next egg. And a way out of dodge so that you can ride off into the sunset whenever you’re ready to exit or sell up shop.

Think of the pride you will have, they will have, when you finally have…

The Power To Make Work, Business And Your Obligations - OPTIONAL

After all, scale creates money, money creates choices and, well…

Choices create freedom.

… But if and only if, they’re done and deployed with this protocol in mind.

"After 27 years I was looking for a way out  and I couldn't find it.  We we're standing still at  60K to 65K a month  with a poor profit.  

In the first four months of starting this process, we were able to quickly SCALE to a very profitable £135K on one month, and £120K on another.  

We are now ten months in and this is happening consistently - with less staff!

The £1M mark will be hit next week. This is the best investment I've made in my business - ever.

Paul Filby - Director, Cambrian Electrical

This is your promise of possibility...

Over the years there have been hundreds under my wing who adopted this radical new way to push the limits of what’s possible.

Case in point, the numbers and…

The results from last month alone (December - 2023):

  • Alan and his brother scaled to 105k per month in their two-man operation.
  • Matt from Wolverhampton scaled to 101k a month after getting rid of two employees.
  • Paul from N. Wales scaled to 115k per month for the first time ever with his small five-man team.
  • Chris scaled to 48k per month with no employees in his engineering business.
  • Tony scaled to his first 18k day in his lean accounting practice.
  • And Steve scaled to 76k per month with just one other member of staff.

Ordinary men, in ordinary businesses, getting extraordinary results.

So, there you have it, and the message is clear…

This Is Your Simplest, Easiest And Most Profitable Way To Scale To £1M+ Without An Army Of Employees...

Which is why, right now, and knowing what you now know, I’d urge you to consider these three protocols as the ONLY thing you need, to do get…

  • What you want...
  • When you want...
  • Where you want...
  • With who you want...
  • At the price you want...
  • On the terms you want...

Six big benefits of...

transforming your back-breaking monster into a Scalable machine.

Meaning you can...

Run The Machine...

Profit From The Machine...

Sell The Machine...

Point being, if you want to push to a £1M+ sooner rather than later, then these S.A.S Protocols will be THE most important and beneficial system you have ever deployed. 

Full stop. I promise.

Truth be told - your POWER to change anything you want to, by forcing your business to work for you and your terms is closer than you think. 

But only if you get some help and get to work sooner rather than later.

So How Do You Get Help To Start Deploying This Today?

First of all, it's important to understand that you can't get access to this framework or me as a course, a book, or a download.

These proven protocols are ONLY delivered and deployed by men behind my closed doors who choose to...

Apply For One Of My Two, Male Only, UK coaching Groups...

These groups and their three pillars are designed from the ground up to move you from a jaded one man band to a powerful £1m+ One Man Empire with speed and at full force.

… Let’s quickly talk about each.

-> You Get Rapid Deployment...

… Getting these protocols mapped to you, your business and your situation - immediately.

In other words, this is getting to the bottom of what elements, of what protocols, need to be prioritised and executed in what order - to rapidly move your dials.

This is NOT mass-delivery, one size fits all.

Here and in these groups, the S.A.S protocols are personalised to YOU and your business.

You will do this every 90 days so that things CONSISTENTLY get deployed with speed and you CONTINUALLY grow.

... This is you always knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how - based on your specific situation.

-> You Get Direct Access...

…Getting you specific answers to your specific questions - fast.

No more roadblocks, no more stall-outs, no more plateaus - just access to answers.

Answers that come in the form of direct, private and straight-line access to me and the other ambitious self-made men inside this brotherhood.

Think of it like doing an exam while others are slipping you all the answers.

Everyman here is pre-vetted and comes with his own unique set of skills and insight that you can leverage for your own gain.

...This my friend, is CONTINUOUS access to knowledge of this One Man Empire Way at the highest levels.

-> You Get Hardcore Accountability...

This is you putting a bullet in the back of the head of distraction by finally being held accountable and to higher standards by other men who won't accept excuses.

You see, it’s one thing to tell me you’re going to do something, it’s another thing to tell your wife that things are going to change BUT it’s quite another to stand up and be counted by other ambitious men.

-> You Get Groundbreaking Results...

… Because this, my friend, is the kind of experience that CONSISTENTLY turns excuses into execution and broken one man band's into respected One Man Empire’s.

At 21X ROI The Numbers Prove This Process And These Pillars Work...

After all, the results from the men in the U.K. already on this journey speak for themselves.

In fact, if their results are a measuring stick for what happens when you choose to start this process, you can be safe in the knowledge that this will do what you want.

A sudden transformation and dramatic change in fortune without work, luck, or self-sacrifice.

But, I Have bad news...

… If I had my way I’d be installing this framework into every male-operated business under the sun, so that ultimately I could put a bullet in the back of the head of No Man’s Land, for good.

But unfortunately, that’s not the order of the world in which we live.

With all the attention my documentary’s been getting online, word has spread like wildfire about The One Man Empire Way and the S.A.S protocols…

The fact is that because the Rapid Deployment process is so insane from my end, to guarantee results, I’m being forced to limit the number of active men that I can have inside each group at any one time.

The crux of the situation is that delivering high-quality transformations, in a way that is bespoke to each and every individual on this journey - is time-consuming and EXTREMELY expensive.

The simple truth is that the One Man Empire movement is “blowing up” right now and in a way that I never predicted it could.

On top of that, the men in my groups who already experience the results you get with these protocols “lock in” for life because they’re worried they won’t be able to get in if they leave.


seats are very limited...


Full Capacity


Closing Soon


Which is good - but, it leaves me with a problem.

Now, as my mission is to help EVERY SINGLE MAN I CAN regain the control and freedom he deserves - by just deploying these simple One Man Empire Protocols….

… I’ve decided to set aside five seats for NEW MEMBERS ONLY.

To be fair I’m also letting existing members secure their seats for as long as they want - to guarantee that they don’t get “locked out” (and so that you won’t either).

But today these five seats are JUST for men like you, who are still on the “outside” of these walls and want in.

So, if you are reading this page, it means I haven’t sold out of those seats yet…

… And there is currently “a seat” available for you in one of my exclusive groups of men who are reclaiming their respect, power and what it means to be a man in this game today.

However, if past experience tells me anything, it’s that I’m probably going to have these seats locked out in a few short days.

Due to the way that enrolment works, I have to plan 3 to 6 months in advance which means it could be quite a while before I have enough space available to let new members in again.

Meaning if you go away to “think about it” and come back later to find that you are out of luck please don’t email me (or Sue in the office) - at that point, there is nothing that I can do for you.

So, Let Me Ask You A Question...

How much would it be worth to you to never have to worry about overwhelm and what it’s doing to your bottom line again…

How much would it be worth to you to be able to go through a whole evening without having to check your phone every 15 minutes to reply to an email?

To avoid the terrible and even deadly effects of No Man’s Land that so many other good men suffer from?

To feel control over your business instead of feeling like your business controls you?

To feel like a man who is respected again?

How Much Would It Be Worth To Tell Them All:

"I Told You So - Look At Me Now...”

… Each and every time you bumped into those who doubted, questioned or talked behind your back.

Truth is, all it takes is just three simple protocols.

No late nights. No employees. No nonsense.

Just take a second too and really think about that.

If you knew with 100% certainty that a £1m+ One Man Empire is possible for you and you'd never have to worry again, how much would you be willing to invest...

  • £10,000?
  • £100,000?
  • A MILLION pounds?


This Is An Investment...

Now look, in all seriousness what I do here for self-made men is an investment - but not a ridiculous one.

One that is specifically designed to get your head in the game so that you take this seriously.

It is currently less than the monthly investment in a minimum wage employee.

... And the good news about that is that this way of running a business will allow you to automate and do the work of 5, 10, maybe even a team of 15 employees by the time that you’re done.

Now, to take away every excuse your brain can come up with as to why you should not do this, let me back up everything I’ve just said…

You Are 100% Safe & Protected With Three Guarantees...

Here’s how it works:

Click the button at the bottom of this page, fill out the application form and see if you qualify.

... If you do, you will be able to schedule a call with me (I highly recommend you book that in sooner rather than later to make sure you don’t miss out), turn up on that call and if you are offered a seat start this process.

Once you get on the “inside and behind these doors, you are protected by these three guarantees:

You Can Withdraw At Any Time

Your Enrolment Is Fixed For Life

No Idiots Allowed

Will I guarantee to make you a millionaire?


It goes without saying, if you are lazy, what we do here will not work.

(I guarantee that too.)

Yet, all men inside this program are free to voluntary withdraw at any time.

  • There is no contract.
  • You are free to walk.

Now this works both ways, hence the second guarantee.

I will swiftly boot you from the group if you do not behave.

And finally, your enrolment will stay fixed - for life.

Why am I willing to take a risk with three guarantees like this?

Well, for a couple of reasons:

First, I’m a man of integrity and that means I do right by people who put their trust in me.

And I personally don’t believe that I DESERVE your money unless I over-deliver on what I talked to you about today.

Second, in my experience as the leader of this movement, speaking in front of thousands of men over the years, I’ve found most who have made it this far in this game are fundamentally honest.

You’re trusting me enough to consider investing in deploying these One Man Empire Protocols, so the least I can do is trust that you won’t “take the Mick” out of me, my members and my generosity.

And third…

Well, honestly, from my point of view…

It’s Zero Risk...

After all, countless men across the globe have already used this One Man Empire framework to put an iron cage around their cash flow, their sanity and their freedom.

It’s probably why most men stay behind these walls for the long haul - because it works and continues to change lives.

But, It’s Not For The Faint Hearted...

What you will experience behind these doors IS radical.

The tactics and strategies uncovered go against the grain and poke holes in much of what you’re hearing about online.

So if you are happy to blindly follow the herd, toe the line, and hope for a miracle…

… Or if you have no ambition, lack drive, and are content plodding along in the slow lane - then I can tell you right now, this experience is NOT for you…

Yet if you are a man at the helm of a business that is stuck in the cycle of No Man's Land…

And if you are a man of integrity who is 100% committed to unleashing his untapped potential - and you understand help is always the fastest way to get what you want…

Then my friend is for you.

But let me be clear…

What You Do Next Is Pivotal...

Listen, I don’t want to get over “dramatic” here, but as you read this page you my friend are at a crossroads that’s going to affect not just your ability to provide and protect...

But everything that makes you feel like a man.

The decision you’re about to make right now, really is that serious and really is that big of a deal.

So take a moment right now before you get distracted…

And when you think about it for a few seconds, you’ll realise that at the end of the day you only really have two options leading to two VERY different journeys.

Option #1 - Do Nothing...

Read to the end of this page, leave this site behind, try to forget everything you’ve uncovered here today and choose to give up control of your business, your life and your very masculinity to the crippling curse of No Man’s Land.

  • Resign yourself to the humiliation that comes from being a slave to robbing Peter to pay Paul as you continue to make less than you deserve.
  • Keep waking up mentally abused and more exhausted than you were when you went to bed because you’ve been burning the candle at both.
  • Stand still (or go backwards) for another 12 months, maybe even longer, desperately trying to clutch at straws and frantically throwing mud at the wall to see what might stick - while your life, your wife and your kids fade into the distance and suffer in silence.
  • Try to ignore the look of disappointment in her eyes when you simply can’t “afford” to provide what you promised.
  • Or the disgust when, one day, when the problems get bad enough, she finally sees through your lies and leaves - for good.
  • Allow your business to continue flat-lining until you’ve racked up hundreds or even thousands in debt to keep your head above water and the devil off your back.
  • Becoming one of the poor tormented men in this game who are forced to start again… forced to give up on your ability to pay for your own way and stand on your own two feet… to give up on what made you feel like a real man in the first place, accepting mediocrity, rejoining the workforce and hating yourself every time you look in the mirror.

That’s one option.

That’s one choice.

And look, if that’s the choice you want to make, after everything you’ve discovered today, I won’t stop you or try to save you.

In fact, if that’s the choice you want to make I’ll thank you for getting out of the way, and not wasting my time, so another man can step foot on this journey and secure the seat I currently have set aside for you.

But if you’re a fighter?

The kind of man who never gives up?

The kind of man who would stick with me all the way through this page because you know deep down and in your gut that this really is a good and as powerful and as life-changing as it sounds?

Then it’s time for you to choose Option 2.

Option #2 - Start Making A Move...

  • Make the choice that hundreds of smart ambitious men across the UK and around the world have made before you, to take back control of your business, your life and your situation by taking advantage of this incredible opportunity.
  • … Starting your journey today, before seats run out, and you’re forced to wait months or even years before the next enrolment opens up.
  • You already know that when you trust this process, with my three guarantees of honour you risk absolutely nothing

So please, from one man who has messed up and suffered to another….

I’m urging you to…

Start This Process Today...

It’s as simple as clicking here and completing a short application form.

When you start and complete this form today, here’s what will happen next:

  1. You will know instantly if you are pre-approved for one of the groups.
  2. If you are, you will be able to immediately book a conversation. That is me and you talking on the phone to see if this and you are a good fit.
  3. When you show up on that call, I will ask you some questions, you can ask me some questions and if we both agree that this will work for you, then we’ll talk about the next steps to get enrolled.

So all that leaves me to say is let’s do this.

Say YES to this opportunity.

Decide to complete this form and start this process now.

I believe you’re our kind of man.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton
Master Chief

P.S. Let me be 100% clear – everything is changing dramatically right before your eyes. And these changes are NOT good for men like you and me who are at the helm of our own business.

Meaning now is the time to place an impenetrable iron cage around your cash flow, your freedom and your sanity before it’s too late.

You know that you should get these three protocols mapped out to your business and ready for deployment NOW – in order to beak free of No Mans Land, get back 21 hrs a week and to start scaling to £1M+.

You know that if you were held to account and had direct access to me and other smart ambitious men, then the excuses would stop and execution would finally happen.

And you also know that you should take some simple steps TODAY – for the benefit of your life, your family and your sanity tomorrow.

… Yet, I also suspect, despite all that, you’re still a little unsure about what exactly to do, or how to best do it, if left to your own devices.

Meaning right now you have two choices.

  • One – Go back and re-read this entire dispatch again. Seeing what life could be like. Feeling what impact this could have. Listening to what others have done next.
  • Two – Get help by deciding to fill out your urgent application NOW.

As I’ve already outlined, due to the high demand, and because of the time I devote to these men and this cause, my two groups are strictly LIMITED.

Right now, I am temporarily opening up just five NEW spots.

So if you do not act quickly, you will probably have to wait months, maybe even years, to get an opportunity like this again.

Given your current situation, I suspect you may not have the luxury of that time before your business boils to breaking point.

Meaning this is your opportunity.

Join this brotherhood of smart, ambitious men who can sleep safely at night knowing they doing everything they can to push to a £1M+ without having to sacrifice another inch.

Because, let's be honest … There are only two ways to sleep safely at night. Be ignorant or be prepared.


If you take your responsibility seriously to make more, provide more and be more…

… And if you are starting to realise that what you are experiencing right now is only the beginning…

… And if you are not willing to gamble your future on the promises of others who have a habit of doing nothing but lie through their teeth…

… Then I’d urge you to take the critical first step and fill out this application right now. Before it’s too late.

Chances are you will immediately start to separate the reason from the madness and you will be glad that you did.

We doubled while I’m removed from the business! And we’re on pace to double again without me!” 
Chris Penman - Director, Stark Engineering ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Turnover is up 281%, and I’m off the tools, which means more I have more time to do what I love – racing cars” 
Adam Brown- Director, QSS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



"More Control. More Motivated And Already Moving To £1M+ In My Second Business..."


Adam started his baptism of fire knowing that if he stayed on his current course he'd lose everything. Feeling isolated and alone The One Man Empire Way gave Adam the tools, accountability and brotherhood he needed to start standing tall among giants. The net result being, automated systems, more control and rapid growth of 281%.


"We've Removed Manual labour And Increased Net Profit By 130%..."


Successful entrepreneurs, Neil & Ian had built a rapidly expanding asbestos empire and were searching for a better way to ensure consistent, predictable growth. On the other side of this journey, and they have deployed a workhorse and machine that has transformed everything - ultimately removing manual labour and increasing net profit by 130%.


"£400,000 In The last Two Months..."


Successful engineer John Roy not only started his journey directionless but with a deep feeling of untapped potential and desire to level up. Since then he's levelled up his customers, he's levelled up his marketing, he's levelled up his business and he's finally taken back control for good.


"I've Scaled By Over 400% In The Last 12 Months And Still Keep Growing..."


The stakes were high for Matt. As his core business nose-dived out of control he knew he needed to do something else to secure financial freedom for himself and his youngest son James. Refusing to die, Matt resurrected his business from the dead. His income exploded by over 400% in just 12 months.


"I Drive Over Seven Hours Straight Just To Be Around These Other Men..."


A true One Man Empire, Mark has always worked alone and was starting to feel isolated and powerless. While having the support and accountability of the other men in this tribe Mark has ratcheted up the volume in all areas of his life. Weeks of distraction have been replaced with a laser-like focus on starting to create freedom.


"After 25 Years, I Can Finally See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..."

Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK

Fresh-faced and new to this journey, Tommy was on the fence for months before having the courage to fill out an application and join. Just eight hours into his rapid deployment, and despite being a bundle of nerves, he's already started to experience the power and relief that comes from finally having a strategic strike to freeing up time with the family, increasing profits within the business and reducing stress.


"I've Built Two Brand NEW Business From The Ground Up, When No One Said I Could..."

LIVERPOOL, Merseyside, UK

Despite being a wild successfully entrepreneur and numbers man, Tony still suffered from distraction and not being able to see the wood through the trees. He came to One Man Empire on the hunt for connection and accountability from other smart ambitious men. Three years on his journey, Tony had launched two brand new businesses from the ground up and continues to produce in ways in ways he never thought possible.


“I’m Making More Money In Less Time Than I Ever Have Before…”

Barnstaple, Devon, UK

With two young kids and a scaling business, it’s safe to say that when it came to Alan and work/life balance, it was all out of whack. Fortunately he decided start this journey and since then Alan hasn’t looked back. With the other smart ambitious men of The Fellowship by his side, he ruthlessly focused on balance. The good news being he's now making more money, and while only working between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30pm.

Classic Car Restoration SIMEON CATTLE

"This Has Empowered Me To Increase My Turnover by Over 201%..."


Simeon started this journey only looking for insight from other men who "get it." Not only did he get that, but The One Man Empire Way has also given him the tools, the environment and the confidence to do what no one else said was possible. He increased turnover by 201% without taking on an army of employees.


"We've 4X Growth In The Last 12 Months And Still Expanding, Even In A Pandemic!"

Shrewsbury, SHROPSHIRE, UK

When the pandemic struck Joel and Andy's business took an immediate hit, a blindside that forced them face-first into No Man’s Land. Overwhelmed, overstretched and ready to burn it all to the ground, they started to operate the One Man Empire way, a decision that meant they turned it around from the brink, and 4X'd the business.

Structural Engineer: CHRIS PENNMAN

"I've Made More Money In Six Weeks Than Would Normally Make In Six Months"

GLASGOW, Scotland, UK

Chris has created a business that most will never experience and shows you what is possible when you start operating in this new way. He fired all eight employees, eliminated grunt work and is making more money than ever... All while spending days at a time out of the business sand with his new daughter Effie.


"I've Now Got An Unshakeable Confidence to Grow And Keep Pushing Forward..."

torquay, DEVON, UK

Dean came to One Man Empire in a loop of persecution and panic. Looking for a new way that would give him direction, get him organised and reduce stress - he got more than he bargained for. Inspired by the other ambitious men in the tribe, Dean finally saw what was possible. A realisation that empowered him with the unshakable confidence to make moreprovide more and be more without having to sacrifice it all.


"My Daily Takings Are Up by 400% In Just 6 Months And I'm Still Scaling ..."

Cefneithin, WALES, UK

Fed up of settling and just plodding along, Paul knew deep down that he wasn't where he wanted to be. After stepping foot on this journey he made a declaration to put the hammer down and take on the world. A hard-line in the sand to operate The One Man Empire Way, that's resulted in a rapid rise of over 400%.


"From £100K To £350K To Hitting £1M+ ..."


Fed up of working for the man, Paul jacked it all in and stared out on his own two feet. Despite a successful start, he hit an immovable plateau and dead-end. He started this journey a life-changing target he wanted to achieve in twelve months - in five short months he's already on track for the £1M mark.


“I’m Now On Target To Hit The £1 Million Mark Next Year…”

KINGSWAY, Swadlicnote, UK

Ben stepped behind these closed doors while operating his business by the sear of his pants. Since then he’s managed to leverage the other men around the table to strategically scale to the next level. So much so that he’s just hit a record turnover of half a millions pounds and is on track to double that to the one million pound mark next year.


"I've Gone from £65K To £125K A month..."

Garndolbenmaen, N. Wales, UK

After 27 years of suffering at the hands of employees, clients and contractors, Paul suspected there must be a better way to provide & protect. What he found on his journey was a path to even greater purpose & power. Thanks to the other men in this tribe he found his fight again, a mantra for money and motivation that has allowed him to start to profit from passion and take back control for good.

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