Is The Fellowship a good fit for my business and me?

Business. One word. So many types.

See, this is the problem when it comes to arguing about whether or not this applies to you and your business. There are too many industries, too many products and too many services. Truth be told, on the surface, no two businesses are ever exactly the same.

Which is why the thought process of "Charlie sounds great, BUT this won’t work for ME, because MY business is different” is a dangerous perspective to hold.

Because I’ll have you consider the possibility that when you rip the guts out, just like all men bleed the same ...


... Consistent sales.
... Consistent delivery.

... Consistent profit.

It’s why despite on the surface looking like completely separate beasts, I’ll have you consider that the ability to operate in this environment is universal.

A universal law, just like gravity and physics – applicable no matter what. Man or woman. Black or white. Big or small.

It’s why, in my experience, your moral obligation as a man at the helm of a business is to never let what you think is possible get in the way of taking where the money is at. And to do that, my friend, you need to OPEN YOUR EYES to find the similarities in others that are already playing this game at a higher standard.

Funny thing is, when you start to look for these similarities, you start to connect the dots between unrelated industries, markets and ideas.

It’s why the other men in the The Fellowship are the key, because they help you hold up a mirror and see your blind spots. 

So here comes your million dollar question.


How CAN you leverage what they’re doing in YOUR business ...?

No matter how irrelevant, inapplicable and fucking stupid it seems at first glance.

You mustn’t get caught up in “my business, your business” tit-for-tat.

Preconceived limitations are the chains that bind. They are the very same chains that have been holding too many down for too long. Through the possibility and similarity of others you can break free.

But only when you OPEN YOUR EYES.

So, is The Fellowship a good fit for me?

If you’re the kind of man who is looking for an environment to guide you on a path to leveraging your business for an ultimate kind of CONTROL – then The Fellowship is for you.

If you are looking for someone to come in and dictate what should be done, or do it for you – then, my friend, this is a place that few survive.

What if I am looking for help attracting more new customers?

This is the cornerstone of The Fellowship. By deploying these systems and strategies, you will start to magnetically attract the right kind of customers, without any risky, expensive or slow to deliver marketing plans.

You will also get a higher value of customer who will convert quicker and spend more money.

Not only that but thanks to phases two and three of this process, you will also be able to consistently and confidently attract more without the fear of bottlenecks, breakpoints or plateaus.

What is the investment for enrolment in The Fellowship?

The Fellowship operates on a month-by-month enrolment. It is an investment but not a ridiculous one. It’s one that is specifically designed to get your head in the game so that you take this and your moral responsibility to provide seriously.

It’s about HALF the investment of a minimum wage employee.

And the good news about that is that this journey, this environment, this way of running a business is the KEY that will allow you to systemise, automate and do the work of 5, 10, maybe even a team of 15 employees by the time that you’re done.

Can I afford it?

Can you not afford it? There is no other environment out there for male business owners that will combine a predictable profit producing system with insider access to a carefully assembled band of brothers.

You will get the exact steps you need to take to overcome any problem when the shit hits the fan and at the drop of a hat.

Truth be told, just one of these breakthroughs could result in a million pound windfall. It’s not uncommon for Fellowship members to experience an instant (and continuing) surge of cash by just deploying their first Strategic Strike. And if done the right way, this should almost all go on your bottom line, making the monthly enrolment pay for itself.

I don’t have time to do this myself – can you just do it for me?

This environment is designed to STOP the overwhelm in your business, to rid yourself of the burden of everything currently going through YOU. That said, my friend, the only way for that to change is for you to change something. It starts by changing the way that you approach “investing” in you and your future. The focus of The Fellowship is to help you understand where you want to take this business and how you are going to get there.

This is going to teach you the skills you need on the journey. This is going to show you how it is possible to remove yourself from the business. When you let the machines rise, you will be able to take back control and be born free.

What is the calibre of the other members?

The calibre of all of the handpicked men inside of this group is second to none. Most are aged between 40 and 55, most have kids and all are men operating at the helm of their own business.

For most, that business looks like an operation of 3-10 employees that’s turning over £300K to £3 million. For some, this business is their first rodeo. For others, it’s the second or third crack of the whip.

Regardless, they are all smart, hungry, ambitious men who are 100% committed to this course of action, this group and supporting the other men that decide to step foot on this journey with them.

Where do you hold the LIVE in person events?

All live events are held just off the M6, north of Birmingham – right in the centre of nearly every major city on the UK mainland.

Most drive, but those members that live further afield or internationally tend to get flights direct into Birmingham International Airport so they have just a short cab ride to the venue.

How do I know that this is the right fit?

I suspect you have spent the lion’s share of the last few years trying to build your business the right way.

But chances are, when you started you were never given a handbook. Don’t forget, life is short and we are not given anything in life for just “trying”.

If you are not spending your time creating a business that you control or a business that will provide for you and your family – then, unfortunately, my friend, you have a glorified job. Notice I said “business” NOT “working for yourself” because working for yourself is a job. A business is an asset that will help you make more, provide more and be more for years to come.

Now, between you and me, the best way to invest in yourself and to grow what you have now is to stop bleeding money and deploy the skills needed to maximise the value of every customer you have.

The Fellowship will show you how to get more customers, more profits and more time with less stress, less frustration and less overwhelm. If an ounce of anything here rings true, then I suspect you have already made your decision, you already know that this is the right thing and you feel confident that this is the right fit.

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Inside of this environment, there are zero terms, only standards. Men are committed to this on a month by month basis – for as long as they decide to commit. They can voluntarily withdraw at any time.

That being said, there is a strict code of conduct and seven agreed standards that all members are held accountable to at ALL times. Failure to do so will result in you being forcibly removed from the group with little or no notice.

The 7 Agreements & Standards Of The Fellowship:

  • I will accept all responsibility for myself and the choices I make – There are no such things as excuses, only choices and choices are a privilege that I must earn every day.
  • I will never quit and will do whatever it takes – and I understand that to provide for my family, I need to physically work harder and be mentally stronger than most other men who walk on “civy” street.
  • I will support and protect every man in the group – and expect them to hold them to hold me to a higher standard than I will hold myself.
  • I will show up and be present at all times – That is in this group, at my home and in my business.
  • I will treat everything shared with me as strictly confidential – uncompromising integrity is my number one standard at all times.
  • I will always be open to new ideas and take criticism like a man – and fully understand that the answers that I want to hear and the answers that I need to hear are likely to be two completely different things. My personal growth is never complete.
  • I will always act with speed and decision – as if my life and the lives of my family depend on me.


“The Fellowship is incredibly exclusive and secret society of men in business, that are redefining what it is to run a business in todays age”

“The Fellowship is made up of smart, hungry, ambitious men who are 100% committed to this course of action, this group and supporting the other men that decide to step foot on this journey with them"


... That MADE The Decision To JOIN To The Fellowship

I know what you're thinking... "Charlie, The Fellowship sounds exactly like what I've been looking for, BUT in order to apply, I need to know what I can expect in return for my investment?"

Truth is that question is impossible for me to answer.

See, I don't yet know you or how committed you are too pushing your business forward and taking back control. That said, I do track the numbers, so let me now show you what the average men around the table did last year when they decided to step-up and take back control.


Or in other words, the average return on investment for our Fellowship Members is £21.49 for every £1 that they have invested. Which made for an average ...

Annual Revenue Increase of £140,046*

Do you see what is possible when you double down on YOU.

It's why if you want a good investment I suggest you fill out an application and apply for your seat around the table today. If you are like the men that have trodden this path before, then take my word, it will do what you want

...BUT here's the thing, you are the only one who can convince yourself that it's right.

* Pre-tax numbers based on the information collected from members that were in The Fellowship from Jan 1st 2019 - Jan 1st 2020.

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How Do I Know If I'm Ready


Well, truth be told and when push comes to shove, you won’t.

As I sit here typing, alone in the office and thinking about the next phase of the Fellowship, I know this – you won’t find that answer to that question anywhere.

It’s not written on this page. There’s no magic pill. Nobody is going to tell you that now is the time to step up and judge yourself to a higher standard.

Because, there’s only one person that knows when and if you are ready... You!

But here’s the thing – you just gotta want it badly enough. Because making the decision to venture into the unknown, into uncharted territory, onto the next step of this journey ... well that’s the hard part.

You get over that, my friend, and the possibilities, well, they are endless. Forget surviving, forget thriving. If the results of the other men that have been before you on this journey are the measuring stick, then chances are destiny is finally within your grasp.

It’s why in my experience you can’t wait till you think you are ready. Because I suspect as you’re reading the words on this page, you already know.

You already know now is the time you are ready. You already know now is the time to invest. You already know enough is enough, and now is the time to commit. Because this is a place few will see.

This is where the real work gets done. No more distractions. No more complaints. No more excuses.

... Because if you want to step up, you gotta put the hammer down.

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Check Out The IndisputAble PrOof & Results From Just A Hand full Of Men Inside In This Movement. 


"I've Made More Money In Six Weeks Than Would Normally Make In Six Months"

Chris has created a business that most will never experience and shows you what is possible when you start operating in this new way. He fired all eight employees, eliminated grunt work and is making more money than ever... All while spending days at a time out of the business sand with his new daughter Effie.

Mark Lloyd Case Study

"I've Gone From Directionless To Levelling Up My Business FAST..."

Successful consultant and video games veteran Mark Loyd not only started his journey directionless but with a deep feeling of untapped potential and desire to level up. Since then he's levelled up his customers, he's levelled up his marketing, he's levelled up his business and he's finally taken back control for good.

ADAm Browne Case Study

"More Control. More Motivated And Moving Forward Even When The Sky Is Falling..."

Adam started his baptism of fire knowing that if he stayed on his current course he'd lose everything. Feeling isolated and alone The One Man Empire Way gave Adam the tools, accountability and brotherhood he needed to start standing tall among giants. The net result being, automated systems, more control and rapid growth of 281%.

Matt Hamsworth Case Study

"I've Scaled By Over 400% In The Last 12 Months And Still Keep Growing..."

The stakes were high for Matt. As his core business nose-dived out of control he knew he needed to do something else to secure financial freedom for himself and his youngest son James. Refusing to die, Matt resurrected his business from the dead. His income exploded by over 400% in just 12 months.

Mark taylor Case Study

"I Drive Over Seven Hours Straight Just To Be Around These Other Men..."

A true One Man Empire, Mark has always worked alone and was starting to feel isolated and powerless. While having the support and accountability of the other men in this tribe Mark has ratcheted up the volume in all areas of his life. Weeks of distraction have been replaced with a laser-like focus on starting to create freedom.

Tommy Kelly Case Study

"After 25 Years, I Can Finally See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..."

Fresh-faced and new to this journey, Tommy was on the fence for months before having the courage to fill out an application and join. Just eight hours into his rapid deployment, and despite being a bundle of nerves, he's already started to experience the power and relief that comes from finally having a strategic strike to freeing up time with the family, increasing profits within the business and reducing stress.

Tony mckenna Case Study

"I've Built Two Brand NEW Business From The Ground Up, When No One Said I Could..."

Despite being a wild successfully entrepreneur and numbers man, Tony still suffered from distraction and not being able to see the wood through the trees. He came to One Man Empire on the hunt for connection and accountability from other smart ambitious men. Three years on his journey, Tony had launched two brand new businesses from the ground up and continues to produce in ways in ways he never thought possible.

Andy & Joel Case Study

"We've 4X Growth In The Last 12 Months And Still Expanding, Even In A Pandemic!"

When the pandemic struck Joel and Andy's business took an immediate hit, a blindside that forced them face-first into No Man’s Land. Overwhelmed, overstretched and ready to burn it all to the ground, they started to operate the One Man Empire way, a decision that meant they turned it around from the brink, and 4X'd the business.

simeon cattle Case Study

"This Has Empowered Me To Increase My Turnover by Over 201%..."

Simeon started this journey only looking for insight from other men who "get it." Not only did he get that, but The One Man Empire Way has also given him the tools, the environment and the confidence to do what no one else said was possible. He increased turnover by 201% without taking on an army of employees.

Neil & Ian Case Study

"We've Removed Manual labour And Increased Net Profit By 130%..."

Successful entrepreneurs, Neil & Ian had built a rapidly expanding asbestos empire and were searching for a better way to ensure consistent, predictable growth. On the other side of this journey, and they have deployed a workhorse and machine that has transformed everything - ultimately removing manual labour and increasing net profit by 130%.

James Ashbourne Case Study

"I've Hit My Twelve Month Revenue Target In Just 5 Short Weeks..."

Fed up of working for the man, James jacked it all in and stared out on his own two feet. Despite a successful start, he hit an immovable plateau and dead-end. He started this journey a life-changing target he wanted to achieve in twelve months - in five short weeks on this journey that target was obliterated, achieved and banked.

paul cammack Case Study

"My Daily Takings Are Up by 400% In Just 6 Months And I'm Still Scaling ..."

Fed up of settling and just plodding along, Paul knew deep down that he wasn't where he wanted to be. After stepping foot on this journey he made a declaration to put the hammer down and take on the world. A hard-line in the sand to operate The One Man Empire Way, that's resulted in a rapid rise of over 400%.

Dean Sanders Case Study

"I've Now Got An Unshakeable Confidence to Grow And Keep Pushing Forward..."

Dean came to One Man Empire in a loop of persecution and panic. Looking for a new way that would give him direction, get him organised and reduce stress - he got more than he bargained for. Inspired by the other ambitious men in the tribe, Dean finally saw what was possible. A realisation that empowered him with the unshakable confidence to make moreprovide more and be more without having to sacrifice it all.

micheal bambling Case Study

"I've Finally Taken Back Control From Contractors, Clients And Customers..."

After 17 years of suffering at the hands of employees, clients and contractors, Micheal suspected there must be a better way to provide & protect. What he found on his journey was a path to even greater purpose & power. Thanks to the other men in this tribe he found his fight again, a mantra for money and motivation that has allowed him to start to profit from passion and take back control for good.

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