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Step #1 - My WHY

Watch this personal video I made to show you my personal story, about exactly WHY I do this, and why I’m so passionate about One Man Empire.

Step #2 - YOU

Watch the homework video.Turn off distractions and take notes so you’ll be prepared for your one-on-one call with Charlie.

Watch this personal video I made to show you my personal story, about exactly WHY I do this, and why I’m so passionate about One Man Empire.

Step #3 - The Results 

And A Couple Of Things To Remember...

1) These are all real members. I hide their names to protect their privacy. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write.

2) Specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all extraordinary men with a natural desire to succeed. THIS STUFF IS ALL HARD. And it takes WORK and RISK.

3) I have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. I take their word for it – we don’t ask for bank statements. Take it all with a grain of salt, if you like. 

Market: B2B Printing

* 200% Growth * 

"I joined One Man Empire & less than a year later my business has grown over 200%. Plus I’m working ‘normal’ hours for the first time in years and I’m going off on a luxury Disney World holiday two weeks."

Market: Financial Advisor

* Cashing In 5 Yrs Early *

"I’m ready to sell my business 5 years earlier than planned, and for 5 times as much money as planned thanks to The Fellowship."

Market: Property Investor

* From £3K to £150K A Month *

"With The Fellowship I went from taking home around £3-5K to now making £150,000 per month! Not only am I making more money now that I ever have, but, things are systemised so I’m working less hours than I’ve ever worked!"

Market: Online Retailer

* Scaled To £32,117 A Month * 

"It was make or break for us. With The Fellowship we’ve gone from £4,500 a month to £32,117 a month! We’ve brought on staff and a new unit, business has exploded."

Market: Ecommerce

* 10X Growth In Revenue * 

"So in March 2017, we took about 40 orders, in March 2018 we did 463 orders! 10X Growth! If you’ve got products that you want to put in front of people you need The Fellowship"

Market: Home Security

* Business To NEXT Level * 

"The fellowship, it has been unbelievable. Best part about it is you're accountable to someone whose standards are next-level, and, obviously, it's all about taking your business and lifestyle to the next level."

Market: Video Production

* 23141% ROI In Month One * 

"In my first month of The Fellowship I made an additional £12,750 (!) that came about as a direct result of the changes you got us to implement. A ROI of 23141% makes The Fellowship a no-brainer!"

Market: Commercial Cleaning

* £40,000 Contract Won! * 

"Thanks to the work I’ve been doing with The Fellowship I’ve just one a £40,000 project that was well out of my league before. Amazing!"

Market: Web Design

* More Money & More Time * 

"The marketing techniques with automation have revolutionized my business. I’ve take back control, I’m making more money and absolutely loving being my own boss again."