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A Private Mastermind For Ambitious Self Made Men.

Scale Profit & Freedom - WITHOUT The Bullshit.

The Fellowship Is A Face-To-Face Mastermind With One-To-One Access To Charlie, For Those Hungry To SCALE Profits, Revenue & Freedom… Without Having To Sacrifice It All.





The Fellowship is for you if you are male and have been operating at the helm of your own business for at least 3 years. You should be established, profitable and have a small team.

On top of that, you might have started to struggle with one or more of the following as you've scaled...

  1. 1
    Banging your head against a brick wall as plateau are pausing profits and dragging your bottom line through the mud...
  2. 2
    Anxiety and worry over cash, as the money from wages, bills and suppliers relentlessly bleeds out - no matter how much revenue comes in...
  3. 3
    Despite what's seen on the outside, a worry that deep down and over the years, the significant highs and lows have taken their toll and started to knock your confidence.
  4. 4
    An understanding that it takes hard work to make a living but a sense that you should be taking home more, based on what you've grown and the time you've put in...
  5. 5
    Overwhelm, fatigue and panic from ferociously fire-fighting the ever-increasing demands on your time, energy and effort as you continually get pulled from pillar to post...
  6. 6
    Friction with friends and tension at home, as despite what you've achieved on this journey so far, it seems no one else 'get's it,' is on the same page or fighting your corner...
  7. 7
    A lack of accountability is stopping you from putting new plans in place and doing what you know needs to be done to move the next dial...
  8. 8
    Isolation and loneliness from carrying everything on your shoulders and putting others first, and at all costs...
  9. 9
    A sense of urgency to act now, so that you can capitalise on your power to make a lot of money - before it's too late...


The Fellowship will give you everything you need as a man to scale at speed and with full force.

Consider that:

  • Confidence in your strength to maximise the money coming in...
  • Consistency in your power to maximise the profits in your back pocket...
  • Control in your capacity to maximise free time and freedom in your life...
  • Brotherhood in your association with others to maximise momentum and success...

Without having to sacrifice it all or hiring an army of employees.


If accepted, membership in The Fellowship will gives you:

One-On-One Strategic Strikes - Every 90 Days 

  • This is you and Charlie working one-on-one to create a personal battle plan to move the dial in your favour.
  • If you’ve ever suffered from distraction, not known what to do next, or been a victim of your natural entrepreneurial drive to try and do 101 things at once... then this kind of clarity and control is like a bolt of lightning.
  • This is a declaration of war on deploying the strategies, tactics, and systems that guarantee you move the dial each and every quarter inside of your business. 

Live “Think Tank” Mastermind - 10 Per Year

  • Raise your average and immerse yourself in our closed-door, face to face, mastermind sessions with Charlie and the other men inside The Fellowship.
  • Get some PERSPECTIVE on how the other carefully assembled members in The Fellowship are playing this game… Possibly the only other male business owners on this planet that get exactly what it’s like in this game today.
  • This is about having 25 other smart ambitious men in your corner so that you can stand tall among giants.

Live Crusader Call In - Every Fortnight

  • Be held to a higher standard with a fortnightly video call with Charlie and a small number of other self-made men inside The Fellowship.
  • If you’ve ever been guilty of letting yourself off the hook, getting distracted or never following through on what you’ve promised... then this right here is you finally stop the excuses and keep moving forward.
  • This is about priorities, keeping your word and the kind of hard-core accountability that will turn your arsehole excuses into execution.

Unlimited Private Support From Charlie - Whenever You Need It

  • Lose the guesswork and get direct straight-line access to Charlie whenever you need it.
  • If you’ve ever felt like a dog at the end of a leash, shackled and unable to move because you’ve wondered which way is up then this type of access allows you to defy gravity and rise up.
  • This is how you separate guesswork from proven fact

Member Hot-seats Inside Crusader Call-In's & Think Tank's

  • Have the opportunity to confidentiality get your biggest challenges solved by the other smart ambitious men around the table. 
  • The opportunity to get perspective on burning questions, problems, or frustrations from other men who have walked in your shoes.
  • This is no longer figuring it all out alone. This is you starting to leverage the power of multiplied intelligence. This is staying ahead of the curve.

Plus Get Access To

  • Automated systems to make money and free up time.
  • The War Room where you can build true bonds and get the inside track on how the other men are playing the game right now so that you can avoid mistakes, shortcut success and make more money faster.
  • Step-by-step Tactical Operating Procedures so that you can deploy your strike quickly or, better yet, get someone else to do it for you.
  • Specifically designed missions and conquests that will allow those hungry for victory to get deeper into making more, providing more, and being more.

The results EARNED.


"More Control. More Motivated And Already Moving To £1M+ In My Second Business..."


Adam started his baptism of fire knowing that if he stayed on his current course he'd lose everything. Feeling isolated and alone The One Man Empire Way gave Adam the tools, accountability and brotherhood he needed to start standing tall among giants. The net result being, automated systems, more control and rapid growth of 281%.


"We've Removed Manual labour And Increased Net Profit By 130%..."


Successful entrepreneurs, Neil & Ian had built a rapidly expanding asbestos empire and were searching for a better way to ensure consistent, predictable growth. On the other side of this journey, and they have deployed a workhorse and machine that has transformed everything - ultimately removing manual labour and increasing net profit by 130%.


"£400,000 In The last Two Months..."


Successful engineer John Roy not only started his journey directionless but with a deep feeling of untapped potential and desire to level up. Since then he's levelled up his customers, he's levelled up his marketing, he's levelled up his business and he's finally taken back control for good.


"I've Scaled By Over 400% In The Last 12 Months And Still Keep Growing..."


The stakes were high for Matt. As his core business nose-dived out of control he knew he needed to do something else to secure financial freedom for himself and his youngest son James. Refusing to die, Matt resurrected his business from the dead. His income exploded by over 400% in just 12 months.


"I Drive Over Seven Hours Straight Just To Be Around These Other Men..."


A true One Man Empire, Mark has always worked alone and was starting to feel isolated and powerless. While having the support and accountability of the other men in this tribe Mark has ratcheted up the volume in all areas of his life. Weeks of distraction have been replaced with a laser-like focus on starting to create freedom.


"After 25 Years, I Can Finally See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..."

Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK

Fresh-faced and new to this journey, Tommy was on the fence for months before having the courage to fill out an application and join. Just eight hours into his rapid deployment, and despite being a bundle of nerves, he's already started to experience the power and relief that comes from finally having a strategic strike to freeing up time with the family, increasing profits within the business and reducing stress.


"I've Built Two Brand NEW Business From The Ground Up, When No One Said I Could..."

LIVERPOOL, Merseyside, UK

Despite being a wild successfully entrepreneur and numbers man, Tony still suffered from distraction and not being able to see the wood through the trees. He came to One Man Empire on the hunt for connection and accountability from other smart ambitious men. Three years on his journey, Tony had launched two brand new businesses from the ground up and continues to produce in ways in ways he never thought possible.


“I’m Making More Money In Less Time Than I Ever Have Before…”

Barnstaple, Devon, UK

With two young kids and a scaling business, it’s safe to say that when it came to Alan and work/life balance, it was all out of whack. Fortunately he decided start this journey and since then Alan hasn’t looked back. With the other smart ambitious men of The Fellowship by his side, he ruthlessly focused on balance. The good news being he's now making more money, and while only working between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30pm.

Classic Car Restoration SIMEON CATTLE

"This Has Empowered Me To Increase My Turnover by Over 201%..."


Simeon started this journey only looking for insight from other men who "get it." Not only did he get that, but The One Man Empire Way has also given him the tools, the environment and the confidence to do what no one else said was possible. He increased turnover by 201% without taking on an army of employees.


"We've 4X Growth In The Last 12 Months And Still Expanding, Even In A Pandemic!"

Shrewsbury, SHROPSHIRE, UK

When the pandemic struck Joel and Andy's business took an immediate hit, a blindside that forced them face-first into No Man’s Land. Overwhelmed, overstretched and ready to burn it all to the ground, they started to operate the One Man Empire way, a decision that meant they turned it around from the brink, and 4X'd the business.

Structural Engineer: CHRIS PENNMAN

"I've Made More Money In Six Weeks Than Would Normally Make In Six Months"

GLASGOW, Scotland, UK

Chris has created a business that most will never experience and shows you what is possible when you start operating in this new way. He fired all eight employees, eliminated grunt work and is making more money than ever... All while spending days at a time out of the business sand with his new daughter Effie.


"I've Now Got An Unshakeable Confidence to Grow And Keep Pushing Forward..."

torquay, DEVON, UK

Dean came to One Man Empire in a loop of persecution and panic. Looking for a new way that would give him direction, get him organised and reduce stress - he got more than he bargained for. Inspired by the other ambitious men in the tribe, Dean finally saw what was possible. A realisation that empowered him with the unshakable confidence to make moreprovide more and be more without having to sacrifice it all.


"My Daily Takings Are Up by 400% In Just 6 Months And I'm Still Scaling ..."

Cefneithin, WALES, UK

Fed up of settling and just plodding along, Paul knew deep down that he wasn't where he wanted to be. After stepping foot on this journey he made a declaration to put the hammer down and take on the world. A hard-line in the sand to operate The One Man Empire Way, that's resulted in a rapid rise of over 400%.


"From £100K To £350K To Hitting £1M+ ..."


Fed up of working for the man, Paul jacked it all in and stared out on his own two feet. Despite a successful start, he hit an immovable plateau and dead-end. He started this journey a life-changing target he wanted to achieve in twelve months - in five short months he's already on track for the £1M mark.


“I’m Now On Target To Hit The £1 Million Mark Next Year…”

KINGSWAY, Swadlicnote, UK

Ben stepped behind these closed doors while operating his business by the sear of his pants. Since then he’s managed to leverage the other men around the table to strategically scale to the next level. So much so that he’s just hit a record turnover of half a millions pounds and is on track to double that to the one million pound mark next year.


"I've Gone from £65K To £125K A month..."

Garndolbenmaen, N. Wales, UK

After 27 years of suffering at the hands of employees, clients and contractors, Paul suspected there must be a better way to provide & protect. What he found on his journey was a path to even greater purpose & power. Thanks to the other men in this tribe he found his fight again, a mantra for money and motivation that has allowed him to start to profit from passion and take back control for good.


The Fellowship operates on a month-by-month enrolment. It is an investment but not a ridiculous one. It’s one that is specifically designed to get your head in the game so that you take this and your moral responsibility to provide seriously.

It’s about HALF the investment of a minimum wage employee.

And the good news about that is that this journey, this environment, this way of running a business is the KEY that will allow you to systemise, automate and do the work of 5, 10, maybe even a team of 15 employees by the time that you’re done.


The men of The Alliance  are 100% safe & protected with three guarantees of honour:

  • Guarantee of Honour #1: No Price Rises
    Your enrolment at sign-on will stay static, guaranteed for LIFE.
  • Guarantee of Honour #2: No Contracts.
    Your enrolment will be contract-free, guaranteed for LIFE.
  • Guarantee of Honour #3: No Dickheads Allowed
    Your enrolment will be dickhead-free, guaranteed for LIFE.


Here’s how the application process works:

  1. 1
    The application form for The Fellowship is at the bottom of this page – start it and complete it.
  2. 2
    If you are pre-approved, you will be able to immediately book a conversation. That is me and you talking on the phone to see if this and you are a good fit.
  3. 3
    When you show up on that call, I will ask you some questions, you can ask me some questions and if we both agree that this will work for you, then we’ll talk about the next steps to get enrolled.



Step 1 of 2: Complete The Application Form.

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