Nominated Man 2023

Help Other Men In This Game Punch 2023 In The Mouth And Get PAID For It...

Ok gentlemen, so if you have got value out of being part of this brotherhood, or if you believe in giving other men in this game a leg up, or if you like FREE MONEY then this is for you…

Nominate a good man for The Fellowship or The Alliance and when they join us I’ll pay YOU - every month

Here’s why…

So, I was running the numbers I spent over 10 grand advertising One Man Empire with Mark Zuckerberg and Linked-In in October... 

... And it pissed me off.

I am sick of making billionaires richer.

I would much rather give that money to YOU.

After all I figuree that you are the best men to talk about the success we get here.

How It Works.

  • Nominate a man to join either group via the link below
  • When they join I’ll give you 25% of their membership enrolment
  • I will do this for every month they stay in the game

In real terms that 25% works out roughly like this: 

Man Into The Alliance 

£100 Every Month


£250 Every Month

That’s a fancy meal or a car payment covered for free every month.

If your man stays with this brotherhood for a year that's £1000 or £3000 in your back pocket without lifting a finger.

That's a free holiday...

... And let me be clear there is NO LIMIT as to how many men you nominate or how much you can make.

For example, two men inside The Fellowship nets you £6000 a year.

That is some serious free money.

Emotional talk.

Seeing you guys win and succeed is fucking awesome.

It is a true privilege and I promise you that helping other men achieve this will give you a high like no other.

I believe you know good men that will truly benefit from what we do here…

But I know talking about this kind of stuff, to others, can be odd….

I get it. 

Maybe you're worried they're not good enough, maybe you wonder how to bring it up, or maybe it just feels a bit weird.

That said, if you feel you know a man who could be a fit I'd have you to consider for their own sake it's your moral obligation to nominate them and get them moving.

Truth is, I want to give this money to you and your families.

I can only do that if you nominate. 

How To Nominate.

The way to do this is easy

If you skipped to the bottom here are… 

The Rules.

Help Other Men In This Game Punch 2023 In The Mouth And Get Paid For It 

  • Nominate a man to join One Man Empire 
  • You can nominate for The Fellowship or The Alliance 
  • When they join you will get 25% of their membership enrolment 
  • You will receive this for EVERY month you both remain members 
  • Payments start on day 30 and roll monthly 
  • There is no limits to the amount of nominates you can make 

Your next step - simple send them here: