"A Must See Documentary For Every Man At The Helm A Business..."

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"You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks."

"You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks."

The Place Where Smart Ambitious Men Are Taking Back Control Of Their Business Faster, With Less Stress, More Profit And More Freedom Than They Ever Thought Possible.

This is not a “new customer solution” or an “online marketing solution”. This not a “mind-set solution” or an “employee solution”. This is not a “mastermind solution” or an “information solution”.

This, my friend, is a fully immersive ENVIRONMENT.

A total solution that’s been battle tested and is ready to be deployed in your business. The only one of a kind environment for YOU, the man at the helm of his own business – scientifically designed by a real husband, real father and real provider.

An open and raw experience that combines coaching, strategies and systems specifically designed so that you can take back control and be born free.

Over the course of this journey, you get the tools and support YOU need to solve the pressing problems you face as a man in today’s game. Because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve faced the same demons and frustrations. And now, I’ve solved them.

A small, closed-door alliance of other smart, ambitious men that’s known as The One Man Empire Fellowship.

An environment that has structures, processes and a peer-to- peer alliance that attracts a specific kind of successful, ambitious man. If accepted, you will gain access to strategies, tools and tactics that transform cash & time- poor business owners into wealthy, free men.

The very same men who work when they choose, with customers they choose and at a price they choose. The art and science of what we call Passive Profit Production.

A conquest and a journey where we focus on these 3 critical phases:



WHY It's Needed :

Your first phase is the Age of Conquest. A path, a journey, a revolution inside of your business that allows you to have TOTAL CONFIDENCE that rain or shine, the money is coming in and not bleeding out.

They say that money is the root of all evil, yet without it, you’re dead in the water. It’s why those that step foot in this game often struggle at home.

The never ending chat about money as she bites back about what you take home now, compared to what you got paid before. A situation all too often made worse by long-standing promises about why this business was a good choice and why this business would make a difference.

And I get it – she doesn’t understand what it’s like, that feeling that you’re on the verge of something BIG, but knowing it just takes time. Yet, here most are – years down the line, living invoice to invoice, while customers beat you down on price and then delay on payment. Is it any wonder you snap at the kids as this pressure cooker to put more money on the table reaches boiling point.

It’s why stage one is all about you plugging the holes in your situation, by making sure that you rapidly ratchet up the money coming in.


We maximise the three paths to predictable profit production, so you see a rapid and regular injection of cash. The three paths to predictable profit production are:

  • A predictable system to get HIGH VALUE leads
  • A predictable system to turn those leads to HIGH VALUE sales
  • A predictable system to turn those sales into HIGH VALUE customers.

The single most important way to do all three – we switch you from the doer in your business to the marketer. A transition that finally allows you to focus on what you need to do inside of this game – market your business in a way that you can make more money.


You no longer feel like you are watching every penny or trying to “force” a sale. People are coming to you with their wallets out and wanting to buy.

Your customers become raving fans as you magnetically attract the right buyers, with the right budgets and the right view of the value that you and your business offers.

This means that you start to see a rapid increase in profits, a rapid increase in referrals and a rapid rise in new customers beating down your door.

Forget fluctuating sales as you consistently double, triple and maybe even quadruple the value of each and every customer that steps through your door.

This is you finally having the confidence to take home from this business what you deserve. A place where those struggling in a never-ending spiral of feast and famine rise up in a blaze of glory and stop bleeding money.

... This is your very first step to TAKING BACK CONTROL and being born free.

“I Was Sceptical, Yet It Turned Into The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For The Business.”

“Being an accountant, it’s in my nature to be sceptical and before joining, I was unsure if the investment in The Fellowship will be worth it. To cut a long story short, joining The Fellowship is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business."

“I’m now fighting at a different level and winning clients that I would never have dreamt of before. I’ve gone from ‘working in’ to truly ‘working on’ the business, which is life changing.”

Tony : Warrington - Financial Advisor


The Age Of Expansion

Phase #2: Systems & Standards

WHY It's Needed :

This, my friend, is where you stop the inevitable internal whaling of chaos and confusion that plagues any Empire that is confidently making sales. That alarm going off inside of your head like a siren that causes you to lie awake in the middle of the night thinking;

“FUCK – I forgot to...”

... Sure, you’re predictably producing profit, but it’s not passive. It’s starting to be a fucking slog.

You see, when you optimise the money making part of any business, it’s like a hurricane that rips through the heart and soul of those that lose their way. Because here’s what most don’t understand – getting more customers is never the answer to long-term, sustainable CONTROL.

After all, while you’re still small, it’s OK for you to be the centre of your universe BUT if you don’t adapt as you grow, then it’s YOU that becomes the breaking point and choke hold around your own neck.

It’s the very reason that most plateau and most can never scale – simply because it becomes physically impossible for you to handle any more.

I mean, if you’ve ever woken battered, beaten, broken and considered jacking it all in – is there any reason why?

You’re trying to juggle EVERYTHING.

Is it any wonder that with the full force of all that fear heading in your direction, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for most to survive, and the divorce rate and failure rate among male business owners is so high.

It’s why when you’re this far in, SYSTEMS is the thing that expands and truly scales Empires.


By systemising your standards, systemising your operations and systemising exactly what you expect people to do and deliver. You eliminate 99% of the fear that everyone feels – to give you TOTAL CONSISTENCY and to stop things slipping through the cracks.

You see, consistency multiplies confidence and confidence creates sales.

Instead of overwhelm, fatigue and panic, we will identify the 12 key systems that need to be in place and show you how to deploy them in your business as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


When done correctly, this explosion in CONSISTENCY allows you to leverage serious scale, without fear of bottlenecks or breaking points.

This is not just about “running” a business anymore. This is about operating at the helm of a machine that can finally deliver on all the promises you made at home.

The kids?

They see you more now than ever. You’ve started taking them to school, finally keeping the promisesthat all too often got pushed to the wayside as the shit came in and the distractions piled up.

Your customers?

Well, they become more profitable and less hassle than ever. They have STOPPED calling because they now get what you promised and get it when you promised it.

... And the team?

Well, they are cool, calm and focused. They have STOPPED pestering you because for the
first time in forever they are happy, working hard and empowered to get things done the right way, and the first time.

Forget fire-fighting, because this, my friend, is now a well- oiled operation. This is you finally owning a business, a system, a war horse that’s pumping profit consistently like nothing they’ve experienced before.

This, my friend, is your second step to TAKING BACK CONTROL and being born free.

“We’ve Built A 27-Man Empire WITHOUT Dickhead Customers.”

"We knew we needed help to really grow but we didn’t know which way to turn. We’d used other ‘coaching’ in the past and it had never lived up to our expectations.

“We saw The Fellowship online and we knew it was a better fit for us – real guys with real businesses, talking about how to really get stuff done. It’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve gone from just the two of us to having 27 guys working for us.

“Thanks to the rebellious nature of the guys in the room, we’ve been able to sack all our dickhead customers (which included one that was worth £300K) without losing any profit ... all thanks to The Fellowship!”

Neil & Ian : Northampton - Asbestos


The Age Of The Machines ...

Phase #3: Automate Or Die

WHY It's Needed :

Now, it’s one thing to stop bleeding money and lavish in the luxury of the system that delivers total consistency, but it’s another to have control. Because, here’s the thing about TOTAL CONTROL – it’s an utter impossibility unless you let the machines take over.

It’s why the daily challenge inside of this phase of the game is solely focused on the question of, “What the fuck can I automate today?”

Without automation in place you, my friend, are always shackled to human error. Now, I don’t know about you, but in my experience humans (especially employees) are prone to make errors. And it’s always small errors that create BIG problems.

It’s why without automation, you need manual checks, manual reminders and manual labour. Because, here’s the thing – you are never going to stop people from getting sick, getting lazy or not showing up. In fact, if you look at the labour market, it’s only going to get worse.

But on the other side of this stage, that will no longer be a worry for you. From now on, your business transforms manual processes, manual systems and manual procedures into automated tasks, communications and reminders.

It’s the closest thing to a “hands free” operation that most have ever seen.

Now, there’s a funny thing that happens when you automate your systems, your business and your processes and let the machines rise.

  • They never stop working
  • They never let up
  • They never get sick

... They just do the work, and they do it predictably, consistently and with TOTAL CONTROL.


Using a simple suite of battle-tested and EASY to deploy tools that will give you 100% certainty that EVERY customer is getting the EXACT same high quality service and delivery that they deserve.

It’s this marriage of manual systems and automation that delivers an IMMEDIATE and SIGNIFICANT increase in CONTROL within days of deployment.

Consider your business now a machine that’s doing and automating the tasks and communications of, three, four, five – maybe even ten members of staff, like clockwork and without failure.


You finally become FREE. Free from the confusion, free from the chaos, free from the invisible chains that have kept you a prisoner inside of your own business. You finally know what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen each and every day.

This is you waking up each and every morning knowing EXACTLY what to expect. This is you having TOTAL CONFIDENCE, CONSISTENCY & CONTROL in your operation, so that no matter where you are in the world, no matter what you are doing and who you are doing it with, you are distraction free because things are moving predictably and like clockwork.

This is you finally being physically and mentally present at home and with your wife or kids because all the stress, all the overwhelm, all the fatigue and all the confusion has stopped. A state of calm, clarity and control passes over you, possibly for the first time ever... and it’s glorious.

This, my friend, is TOTAL CONTROL.

“I’ve Gone From Working 24/7... To Having Freedom, Family & Fun.”

“Before I joined The Fellowship, I was working all the hours in my accountancy practice. I was sacrificing everything to make it work – so much so that my youngest daughter didn’t even really recognise me as her dad.

“My wife Claire and I watched The Fellowship documentary. She cried as it reflected the pain of our situation and sacrifice so well and in that moment, I knew I had to join and surround myself with ‘better’ guys.

“Since joining almost two years ago, my life has done a total turnaround. I’ve been able to more than double my team (11 and counting) and can focus on driving the business forward.

“Bouncing ideas off the other guys in the room has helped me to capitalize on opportunities and ‘cut the shit’. The Fellowship has given me my life and freedom back. I’ve got my health, happiness and family again, which is priceless.”

Steve : Shropshire - Accountant



when you navigate the journey


Maximise Money In


Maximise Profits


Maximise Freedom

PHASE #1 : YOu Get Confidence BACK 

  • Money increases dramatically as you deploy a Predictable Profit Production system in your business.
  • You have a clear, a Strategic Strike showing you exactly what to do to transform the amount of money coming into your business.
  • You go beyond just taking any money to a mind-set of attracting HIGH VALUE customers that you like and who want to give you the full asking price – without any negotiations or beating down on price.
  • You have a turnkey process to maximise the value of each and every customer, so they keep buying more often and referring more frequently.
  • You finally start to get paid what you deserve from your business for the hours you put in.


  • Profit maximises as the SYSTEMS start to do the heavy lifting and stop things slipping through the cracks. Predictable profit becomes passive – this delivers the biggest ROI in your business over time.
  • Your business can continue to scale without fear of plateau, bottlenecks or breaking points.
  • The profits come in faster as your systems help seamlessly move the money from your customers’ back pocket to yours, on time, on schedule and without delay.
  • You feel more energised and free as you finally get to remove yourself from the day to day grind that has been holding you back for so long.


  • You let the machines rise so that you consistently pump profits, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the fear of them getting sick, lazy or wanting a day of rest.
  • Your business can scale to new heights thanks to automated systems that remove human error and eliminate manual grunt work.
  • Your business will become more valuable and sellable as you switch from manual tasks to a turnkey operation.
  • You finally have full control and a choice to make – cash in your chips or deal yourself back in.
  • You are physically and mentally present at home and with your wife or kids because all the stress, all the overwhelm, all the fatigue has stopped.


"You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks."

"You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks."





You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks.

Charlie is the UK’s leading digital direct marketing consultant and helps entrepreneurs grow businesses that sell. His books are distributed in over 175 countries, and have all stormed to best seller status, on the topics of direct marketing and business-building. You may have read about him in Talk Business, Business Today or heard him on the BBC.

His powerful sales campaigns and online lead generating promotions have been engaged by over 5 million consumers and business owners, contributing to over £300 million pounds worth of sales for his satisfied clients.



A wise man once said, “You can’t build a house out of shit and expect it to stand in the rain.” It’s the same reason that most men fuck-up inside this whole game, because they have no strategic plan, no strategic process and no strategic idea of how to build this thing the right way.

Which is why every 90 days, we will join the dots. Because when we start connecting the mess that’s in your head, an almighty force will emerge – the complete picture, an understanding, an exact and scientific battle plan for the next 90 days.

A declaration of war on deploying the strategies, tactics and systems that will guarantee that you move the dial each and every quarter inside of your business. This personal battle-plan is not just what to do BUT how to do it, too.

If you’ve ever:

  • Suffered from distraction ...
  • Not known what to do next ...
  • OR Been a victim of your natural entrepreneurial drive to try and do 101 things at once ...

... then this kind of clarity, confidence and control, eachand every 90 days, is like a bolt of lightning.

This is how you stay ahead of the competition. This is how you stay ahead of the curve. This how you keep momentum and stop the walls from crumbling in on you like a house of cards.


In A Small Group And Every Fortnight

Now, we can all make promises. Promises to me. Promises to our kids. Promises to our wives ... But sooner rather than later, the excuses have a way of piling up. “I just do this later...” you’ll whisper to yourself, justifying standing still with each and every breath.

It’s why inside of the Fellowship you will be personally held to a higher standard on a LIVE group video call with a small number of peers, and me, every two weeks so the excuses stop.

You see, it’s one thing to tell me you’re going to do something, it’s another thing to tell your wife that shit is going to change BUT it’s quite another to stand up and be counted by five or six other men every other week. This, my friend, is the kind of hard-core accountability that will turn excuses into execution.

So, if you’ve ever been guilty of ...

  • Letting yourself off the hook ...
  • Getting distracted ...
  • Or never following through on what you’ve promised...

... then this right here is the kind of unstoppable force that keeps you on track, in focus and moving forward. This is about priorities. This is about keeping your word. This is about rolling up your sleeves and raising your standards.



They say that you’re the average of the six people that you spend the most time with, which is why each and every month you commit to making sure that you raise your average by immersing yourself in our closed-door Think Tank sessions.

Too many people go through life blinkered by their business and held under water by the mediocre majority. They live on the surface of what they’re doing, what their industry is doing, what their environment tells them – but they don’t try to get deeper into this game.

The Think Tank sessions are about you pulling yourself kicking and screaming out of your business each and every month for a day, so you can get some PERSPECTIVE on how the other carefully assembled members in The Fellowship are playing this game.

Possibly the only other male business owners on this planet that get exactly what it’s like to go through what you’re going through, and how to come out on the other side. Together we will spend the day working on the business of running a business.

You see, successful men view their business as a business, and with that are seeking the skills and ‘in the trenches’ knowledge that is not taught in books, online courses or on YouTube videos. Instead they choose to leverage the minds and first-hand experince of the others. The the biggest breakthroughs often come not from a question you have – but from hearing what’s working for other men, in other businesses.

Because truth be told, the path has already been trodden. You just need to leverage the multiplied-intelligence that happens in an environment like this in a refined, powerful structure. You DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel. This is your homecoming. This is your inner-circle. This is you raising your average.


So YOu Always Have The Inside Track

I’ll have you consider that far too often we’re blindsided by so much day-to-day shit that for most men it’s near impossible to see the wood through the trees. It’s why the ONLY solution to any problem is to seek outside counsel from others that are cut from the same cloth. People who have already walked in your shoes and come out the other side.

It’s why during the LIVE Crusader Call-Ins and Think Tank meetings you, my friend, will have the opportunity to share in complete and utter confidentiality your biggest challenges, your biggest problems and the biggest frustrations that are holding you back right now.

In other words, you will have, possibly for the first time, the ability to hear what Charlie Hutton and the other men around the table have done in your situation. Charlie alone, has been behind the scenes of over 200 male operated businesses. There isn’t a problem, question or situation that he hasn’t experienced.

Through this insider access to a carefully assembled band of brothers, you will leave with the exact steps you need to take to overcome any problem when shit hits the fan.

Truth be told, just one of these breakthroughs could result in a million pound windfall.

This is about you having access to a tight-knit community of ambitious men who know EXACTLY what it is that you are going through and are there to help you.

Forget guesswork. Forget figuring it alone. This, my friend, is your inside track on what is working right now and how to deploy it directly into your business, step-by-step.



For most, the private and personal support, available inside of The Fellowship, is the shortest path between two points, and the shortest path to getting shit done.

This is you having direct and straight line access to me on demand whenever you need it. It’s what separates your guesswork from proven fact. And it’s as simple as picking up the phone, pushing the button and just asking for help.

This is about no longer letting questions get in the way of what you need to do. This is about no longer getting your hands dirty. This is about no longer banging your head against a brick wall just to guess your way to half way there.

If you’ve ever felt like a dog at the end of a leash, shackled and unable to move because you’ve wondered which way is up, then this type of rapid deployment will allow you to defy gravity and rise up.



I’ll have you consider that in this game, most men achieve successes that only fall on deaf ears. News of big wins, big sales and big growth greeted with utter silence among family, friends and followers.

It’s why here and inside of The Fellowship, you, my friend, will receive the recognition, reward and reinforcement you deserve, whenever you put your best foot forward.



Challenges and competition – the two core forces of motivation that are built into most men’s DNA.

Unleash the power of focus by taking on specific challenges and competition inside of this environment to win money, fame and bragging rights.



... But you won’t want to. Because your business will become fun again. You’re having more results and more freedom almost every day. You and your kids are fully engaged ... Your business is productive ... and your bank account is profitable. 

That’s what membership in The Fellowship is all about.

Secure Your Seat & Start The Fellowship Application Process



​150% Increase In Sales

AJ - Nottingham



Doubled The Business


Growing After A Separation

Matt - Inverness


... That MADE The Decision To JOIN To The Fellowship

I know what you're thinking... "Charlie, The Fellowship sounds exactly like what I've been looking for, BUT in order to apply, I need to know what I can expect in return for my investment?"

Truth is that question is impossible for me to answer.

See, I don't yet know you or how committed you are too pushing your business forward and taking back control. That said, I do track the numbers, so let me now show you what the average men around the table did last year when they decided to step-up and take back control.


Or in other words, the average return on investment for our Fellowship Members is £21.49 for every £1 that they have invested. Which made for an average ...

Annual Revenue Increase of £140,046*

Do you see what is possible when you double down on YOU.

It's why if you want a good investment I suggest you fill out an application and apply for your seat around the table today. If you are like the men that have trodden this path before, then take my word, it will do what you want

...BUT here's the thing, you are the only one who can convince yourself that it's right.

* Pre-tax numbers based on the information collected from members that were in The Fellowship from Jan 1st 2019 - Jan 1st 2020.

Secure Your Seat & Start The Fellowship Application Process



So, right now, my friend, you have a simple choice to make. You can choose to do nothing and continue running on the hamster wheel you call life.

Pretending, lying, kidding yourself that everything is ok, even though deep-down, I suspect you know that you are standing still, or worse yet, going backwards. Or you can STOP the wheel and get off for good.

You can make a commitment that can deliver you the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced and you can do that by applying for the One Man Empire Fellowship.

That said, not everyone that applies is accepted. Because the other carefully assembled members of this group and I work closely with you and your business, I am very selective in who I let in.

So, here’s how the application process works:

  • You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom of this page – go to it.
  • After you fill out the application, I’ll review it.
  • If I think we *might* be a good fit, you’ll be pre-approved.
  • You will then have the opportunity to schedule a 60 minute call, so I can get an understanding of where you are, where you want to go and if (or not) I think what we have going on here will help you bridge the gap faster and more efficiently.
  • On that call, if I think we’re a good match, I’ll invite you to invest and participate.

If you make the cut, both me and the other men in this group will commit to work with you and your business, to ensure that you can take back control.

If you have read this far, and you are truly serious about removing the stress, the overwhelm, the fatigue from your business ... Then chances are you might be one of the few elite men who are ready for this next step because you already understand the importance of investing in yourself and your business.

The men most likely to benefit from The One Man Empire Movement and The Fellowship are action-oriented decision makers who KNOW a good thing when they see it, and KNOW when they should act now.

The most successful men that walk among us make decisions even when they aren’t 100% sure how it will work. They know when something is important enough to act on it.

After all, it was a wise man who once said, “Nothing will change until you change something.”

... Because the fact of the matter is, the longer you delay, the less likely you are to join, and the less likely you are to see and feel the power that awaits you on the other side of this journey.


You may have reached this point and thought “I’ll get back to this later” or “I need to think about it first.” Or worse yet, “Let me talk to my wife about it.” Unfortunately, that is the same thinking that leads most men to delay their journey to success ... until they fail to go forward.

Soon, other shit piles up until you realise, a year later, that nothing has changed. You wish you could go back in time and tell yourself to take action when you first read this.

So, let me finish by saying that as part of The Fellowship, you can and will receive a significant return on your investment. You will discover what many of the other smart, ambitious men in our ranks have already found – just deploying one of the strategies and tactics taught here will deliver an unparalleled return on the investment you make.

The ball is now in your court, because in the cold, hard light of day, it’s all up to you. It’s up to you to choose to apply. It’s up to you to choose to transform your life. It’s up to you to finally choose enough is enough by securing one of the seats left around the table.

Secure Your Seat & Start The Fellowship Application Process


The Overstretch

Why everything you’ve been told, watched, or read about the struggles of running a business as just one man is actually murdering your chances of success.

The Persistence

What you must STOP if you want to kill any and all feast and famine. This is the THE KEY to having a long term sustainable business, that makes you money month on month…

​The Revolt

The ONLY two things you should ever do when things are going “well” so that you don't’ end up back in a state of Conflict, Crisis and Collapse.

The Possibility

Why some succeed and others just get by (Here’s how YOU can turn the tables, so you have the POWER needed to be the one who always succeeds)

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Ep #1 : The Revolution

Ep #2 : Passive Profit Production

Ep #3 : The Strategic Strike

Ep #4 : The Fellowship

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