Part 3 : One Man Empire Documentary

The Strategic Strike

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The PlateAu

What to do if you are currently stuck in a rut, crippled by crisis, paralysed by a plateau so that you can break free from the prison inside of your business and punch a hole through your current ceiling.

​Key #1 : The War

Why natural born providers and self starters like you and I can’t plan and wage war like most other business. How and what to do instead so that even as just one man at the helm of a business, you will always win over the mediocre majority.

​Key #2 : The Extraction Point

How to wage and win a war in your market place in the 90 day flat. Miss just this one simple key and you’ll be back down the road to overstretch, persecution, collapse and failure.

​Key #3 : The Maneuvers

How to legally exploit the law of compounding so that you can 4x your results every 90 days with just one or two simple regular actions.

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