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Escaping the hamster wheel in 2024…

January 4, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

January 4, 2024

Today, I am the bearer of bad news…

Bad news about this world, and maybe bad news about you as a person.

Now, chances are, on some level, you know what I am about to say…

… But you probably don’t want to hear it.

See four days into the New Year and the writing is already on the wall.

… 2024 is not going to be sunshine and rainbows.

.Inflation – still sky-high.
.Employees – still expensive, still unreliable.
.Government – still taxing businesses like ours, to balance their books.

You could say, the cards have never been more stacked against men like you and me.

…But you already knew that.

It’s why maybe after the festive break, you’ve made resolutions.

Maybe you’ve fired yourself up and are ready to face the challenge.

Maybe when push comes to shove – you have to.

Maybe there’s too much on the line and too many people relying on you to grit your teeth and keep a roof over their heads.

.Your employees.
.Your suppliers.
.Your contractors.
.Your family.

Maybe despite all the work you do on their behalf, they expect more of you this year.

Maybe you expect more.

Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve made resolutions or promises at the start of January.

Maybe you’ve been seriously committed before, but as of yet you still haven’t been able to deliver on the promises you made or the hopes that you had.

Which brings me to the point of today.

What you do next and this week is pivotal…

Now, I don’t want to get over “dramatic” here, but as the first week of 2024 comes to a close, you, my friend, are at a crossroads that’s going to affect not just your ability to provide and protect…

But everything that makes you feel like a man.

See, the decisions you make this week, really are that serious and that big of a deal.

The good news?

The way I see it, you only have to decide between two options.

The bad news?

Each option leads you on a VERY different journey.

Option No 1: Do Nothing.

Read to the end of this email, try to forget everything you’ve uncovered from me while you’ve been on this list and choose to give up control of your business.

Keep waking up mentally abused and more exhausted than you were when you went to bed because you’ve been burning the candle at both.

Keep standing still (or going backwards) for another 12 months, maybe even longer…

Desperately throwing mud at the wall to see what might stick – while your life, your wife and your kids fade into the distance and suffer in silence.

Try to ignore the look of disappointment in her eyes when you simply can’t “afford” to provide what you promised.

… Or the disgust when, one day, when the problems get bad enough, she finally sees through your lies and leaves – for good.

Hoping that doing the same things will one day give you a different result.

Hoping that by working another couple of hours a day you can finally produce a miracle…

… Even though you’re already clutching at straws, already overwhelmed, already over-worked and already taking home less money than you deserve.

With every month playing out just like the last, until in the blink of an eye, the next 12 months have gone up in smoke…

And you’re still stood still.

That my friend is one option.

That’s one choice.

And look, if that’s the choice you want to make, after everything you’ve heard me say over the years, I won’t stop you or try to save you.

Now the other choice?

Option No 2: Start Making A Move.

Sounds easy.

It’s not.

Staying in a rut is way easier than breaking out.

And that my friend makes the first move the hardest part.

The good news is, you make that one that move, and the rest is childs play.

So please, from one man who has messed up and suffered to another….

I’m urging you to…

Make the move that hundreds of smart ambitious men across the UK and around the world have made before you…

Choose to take back control of your business, your life and your situation by deciding to apply to come and join one of my two groups.

Truth is, it’s the simplest, easiest and quickest way for you to escape the hamster wheel, take back control, and push to £1m+ this year.

… No surprise when you consider you will have me and thirty other smart ambitious men at your side showing you exactly what to do and how.


.You’ve seen their stories.
.You’ve heard their results.
.You know this works.

… Plus you know that I’m so confident that this process and environment will work for you too, that I operate with no contracts and no tie-ins.

Now, I’m not saying One Man Empire is the only choice.

But I am saying this…

If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.

So now is the time to choose.

Grab 2024 and take what is yours.

Prove the doubters wrong.

Stop scratching the surface of what this business could be.

Have what you have always wanted.

And choose to finally scale to 1M+ without an army of employees.

If that’s something you want, here’s what to do next.

1. Read the NEW page below
2. Fill in the application
3. Let’s talk


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

P.S. That link above is to an important and urgent NEW page.

It took me months to write.

Think of it as your “guide” to One Man Empire and my S.A.S Protocols in this New Year.

Ultimately a deep-dive into how this thing works, and how you can rapidly…

… Escape the hamster wheel, take back control, and push to £1m+ …without any more employees.

Including a lot of the secrets, I’ve only ever shared behind my closed doors.

Consider this dossier your step-by-step plan to easily simplify, automate, and scale your business.



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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