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Motivation: The Myth That Forces Burnout…

May 16, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

May 16, 2021

Cards on the table today and something to consider this week…

I’m starting to come to the conclusion that this whole idea of “motivation” is bullshit of the highest order.

Truth is, and in my experience, motivation is unreliable, inconsistent and erratic at best.

Case in point the last 12 months.

If it’s taught me anything it’s that most people have needed little to no motivation to sit on their arse and watch Netflix for 8 hours straight, 7 days in a row.

Which in my mind only goes to prove what physiologists have told us all along – we are designed from the ground up to ALWAYS do the most comfortable, easiest thing first.

… Or in other words, it would be wise to consider that our brain (and it’s natural tendency for arsehole thinking) actually pushes us towards laziness, inaction and putting shit off.

After all and over the last week, how many times have you sat around waiting for a stroke of genius or a spark of motivation, before you decided to get started?

… And then when the lightning doesn’t strike, made the choice to do other shit that makes most feel productive, “busy,” or valuable.

… Stuff that in the cold hard light of day is actually nothing more than a fucking distraction from what REALLY needs doing.

See I’m convinced now more than ever that men like you and I don’t need motivation…

We just need to start moving.

That is starting to move forward with speed and at full bore on the shit that will really move the dail.

Now, that all said and before you start getting distracted thinking about what to move forward on first, let me make it simple for you.

Take you list and evaluate it as follows:

  1. How easy is it to implement? (Score 1-10)
  2. How likely is it to increase profitability? (Score 1-10)
  3. How sustainable is it?  (Score 1-10)

… Then start taking action immediately on the thing with the highest score.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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