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My BIG mistake. Don’t do this…

November 9, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

November 9, 2021


ANNOUNCEMENT: Something BRAND NEW is coming for you next week. It’s hands down the biggest evolution since One Man Empire started. Keep an eye on your inbox for the details. 


When I sold up and came back from Canada in 2008, my goal was simple:

Go it alone. 

Coming from a long line of the employed masses, my Dad’s advice was simple:


And I can see why. 

There was a BIG offer on the table – a fat paycheque, a company car and all the perks. 

A guaranteed way to provide & protect.

…BUT I wanted to be baptised in my own fire. 

To forge my own way, to mark my own path, to build something with my own hands. 

So, determined to prove my dad wrong, I got to work building a business the only way I knew how – grit, guts and grind. 

And the business took off. 

On the outside, everything looked like a heritage of strength – and on the inside, I was fucked, alone and drowning.

A deep-rooted gravitational pull of suffering that comes from:

…Drowning in the isolation and loneliness of carrying everything on your shoulders.

…Suffocating in the endless grind of having a ‘job’ that is never done. 

…Battling with the self-doubt of having the buck always ever stop with you. 

Because here’s the thing I figured out the hard way.

Too many men in this game carry it ALONE.

Relentlessly doing what needs to be done in order to prioritize & execute.

…Yet ultimately becoming a traitor in your own midst as your family suffers, your business suffers and YOU suffer.

A poor tormented bastard forged in self-inflicted suffer-fest.

It’s why there comes a point when most self-made men say ENOUGH is enough. 

Considering the fact that YES you can keep trying to work it all out on your own, hoping and praying for shit to change – OR you can change the fucking game.

…And start storming the castle with other men.

That is associating and standing shoulder to shoulder with those who can finally give you PERSPECTIVE on stopping the rot.

How you avoid mistakes…

How you shortcut success…

…and how you make more, faster and with less.

See, in my experience, associating with other smart, ambitious men and having real, honest, and open feedback is EXACTLY how this game must be played at the next level. 

It’s time to drop the lone-wolf bullshit by returning to the honour and virtue of a pack and collective brotherhood.

Men that want to go fast, go alone.

Men that want to go far, go together.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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