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New Creepy Crazed Cult For Men….

March 29, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

March 29, 2022

Comment fresh in on my desk this morning:

“Charlie – I’m thinking your pilot for The Alliance is a good fit. How has the group been going so far? My misses thinks it looks like a creepy crazed cult for men! Thanks, Ant.”

Good question in from Ant and an instructive answer if you too are curious as to whether The Alliance is a good fit and will do what you want.

So quick back story.

I get lots of messages from men on this list wanting in on The Fellowship, but nine times out of ten it’s either locked out or out of reach.

Now, at the back end of last year, and after 12 months of planning, I opened a small pilot initiative for a NEW group – The Alliance

What some consider a new opportunity for ambitious men at the helm of a business to make more and work lessWithout hiring an army of employees

Now cards on the table, even once I’d committed do this, I didn’t know how it would go and if the chosen few would do what needs to be done and get results.

Meaning for the last 78 days I’ve kept it quiet.

Until now…

Which brings me back to Ant, and the question of “How’s The Alliance Going?”

Well to start with, the rules were broken – immediately.

I said I’d only let five men through the doors. 

And that went straight out of the window. 

In the end, ten men were permitted in on the inside. 

  • Every single one of them coming from different walks of life.
  • Every single one of them is motivated by different circumstances and different challenges.
  • Every single one of them coming from different professions and with different problems.

And every single one of them ruthlessly committed to rise above the stress, overwhelm, fatigue and confusion by finally starting to take back control

… All while making more, providing more and being more.

Now, since January, results have been swift, bonds have been deep and belief in what’s possible, when you commit to the cause, at record heights.

The proof in the pudding – this post inside of our private “War Room” from one of the founding fathers of this new group:

“I’ve almost taken as much money this week as I would have taken in a whole month before. #OneManAlliance2022”

Followed by this one, two days later:

“Gents I’ve just had my best month ever!!! Could be coincidence or could be thanks to this group and to the fact that I can finally see what needs to be done.”

Not too shabby for making a decision to apply to come and join us.

The good news being, that if deep down and behind the mask, you to feel:

  • More money is bleeding out than is coming in.
  • Being on the cusp of something big but standing still or worse, going backwards.
  • A never-ending struggle with overwhelm and a strong pull to minimise stress.
  • Despite a core of inner strength suffering from isolation, self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Demons from the past or a lack of recognition amongst friends and family is burying all untapped potential.
  • Directionless distraction is ruling the roost and grinding things to a halt.

Then right now, I’m at the point with this pilot that I’m happy to open this opportunity for THREE more men to step into the fray. 

That means there are three seats open in this “crazed creepy cult for men!”

Full Disclosure:

This new opportunity will be strictly limited to just THREE.

I expect it to sell out quick. 

I’m CLOSING applications at 11 pm on Friday 1st April.

So I’d urge you to be fast and…


… Because right here, inside of The Alliance, is where those who are gasping for air finally breathe.

Those who have plateaued make a fundamental shift towards the light.

And those struggling with a never-ending spiral of feast and famine rise up in a blaze of glory and are born free.


Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton.

  1. Just to clear up the “Cult” comment for Ant’s other half, the Cambridge dictionary says:

cult (noun):

“… usually small group of people characterised by devotion, whose beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people”

… Let’s quickly consider that:

1) Usually small group of people characterised by devotion


  • The Alliance is a small pilot initiative.
  • That group currently consists of 10 men.
  • Those men are DEVOTED to putting the hammer down.

… Meaning I guess The Alliance ticks that box.

2) Beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people

  • Most don’t believe it’s ok to want more money
  • Most don’t believe it’s ok to be male or masculine. 
  • Most don’t believe it’s small businesses like ours that are the backbone of this country. 

Meaning the jury is officially in.

If you decide to apply and grab this opportunity by the throat, you will be officially joining a cult and a brotherhood of smart ambitious men that are bound by blood.

The kind of blood-brothers that will hold you to a higher standard

The kind of men that will help you separate reason from madness

And the kind of men that will stand by your side and allow you to be born free inside of your business



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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