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Q&A Plus how to use “simple” economics to solve sales slumps…

November 26, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

November 26, 2020

Question in from David in Loughborough:

“Charlie – is there really only 30 men in The Fellowship or is that a marketing and scarcity thing…”

Fair question David, so let me give you the breakdown on group size:

  • I operate one group
  • It’s in the UK
  • It’s strictly limited to 30 active members

… And when I say “active” I mean paying.

I don’t operate with contracts which means seats open up occasionally throughout the year.

… Meaning I take applications for potential good fits, year-round.

Now, encase you’re wondering, the average man around the table has been in for 21 months.

Which begs the question, why only 30 men?

Truth is, there IS demand and appetite for me to open up more spots…

… BUT that means my time split more ways, which has a knock-on effect to the results the men in here get…

PLUS in my experience when you start pushing group sizes towards 50 – brotherhood and bonds start to get severed and sacrificed.

Leading to more fucking headaches (and fallout) for me to deal with.

Which brings me nicely back to business, the power of scarcity, and why when possible, you should always use it.

Nothing motivates action more than a REAL possibility of missing out.

It’s the universal law of economies of scale…

And the fact of the matter that when demand outstrips supply, the odds are always in your favour…  

Or in other words, for the self-made man in this game today:

Less Availability = More Power


So in summary and in answer to David’s question…

  • Is it only 30 men? Yes
  • Is it a marketing angle? Yes
  • Are spots really “scarce”? Yes

… And BTW If you’re wondering why men leave, I shot an exit interview with Mark Lloyd that you can watch it here.

He’d been on the inside the group for 2 years before departing recently. 

He explains his actions here.

His words at the 72-second mark are instructive, so watch carefully.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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