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Reason #437 why employees are delightfully deluded

March 16, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

March 16, 2023

Funny story about a ‘snowflake’ employee. 

Recently, a member (electrical contractor) was off to the site and this employee jumps in the van…

Work boots? Tick. 

Lunch? Tick. 

Fluffy hot water bottle? Tick. 

Yes really. The poor fella didn’t want to get cold on the construction site. 

Ignoring the easy p*ss taking, said employee needed to be reminded about electricity and water thing too. 

And whilst most can get on board with ribbing the ‘snowflake’ generation…

For men at the helm of a business, this goes deeper.

Employees are often a difficult pill to swallow. 

Yet, when you started out, wanted employees

There is a status attached to employees.

You’ve made it when lots of people work for you right!? 

Plus you think you’ll make more money if you have employees, like this: 

Employees = Status + More Money 

It is only once you’ve been around the block a bit that you realise…

It usually works like this: 

Employees  = More Headaches + Less Profit 

Sure the turnover may get a bump, but the number that really matters takes a big hit. 

Employees eat profit for breakfast. 

And on top of that, it often feels like the headaches they bring you are endless… 

  • Endless questions (daft or otherwise.) 
  • Endless mistakes, missed tasks, and inconsistency.  
  • Endless emotional baggage and inane chat. 

All whilst you lose your mind trying to stay on the right side of the HR line. 

Truth is, every ‘bum on a seat’ adds another layer of complexity to the business. 

And this means less freedom for you. 

Ironic when you consider that most men get into this game for more freedom.

And the thing nobody tells you? 

Far too often men confess they are paying employees more than they pay themselves. 

(Profit is your reward for building this business, never feel guilty about that.)

And the secret fix here is using automation in a new way… 

Now I hear what you’re thinking…

“B-U-T Charlie, you can’t automate what I do!” 

Yet here’s what you’d be wise to consider…

Used in this way automation removes the need to think. 


  • Tasks are delegated to employees, automatically. 
  • Project documents created when you get a new job, automatically 
  • Employees have instructions for every task, every time, automatically. 

Not to mention things like customer updates, invoicing, and business admin happening on autopilot. 

Automation takes you out of the equation. 


What would that kind of freedom feel like? What would you do with the extra time?  

It’s how Chris in Glasgow replaced eight employees with a fully automated system that doubled his business, almost overnight.

How Alex in Devon automated 107 tasks and scaled to his first 60K month.

And how Steve in the Midlands hit 1.2M with no employees.

So if you too are interested in pushing to 1M+ in revenue – without adding any more employees to your business…

 Here Is What To Do Next:

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  • Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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