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Shrewd Secret To Scale (Not For The Sheepish)

January 10, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

January 10, 2023

… James from Peterborough I think summed it up best in his email last week:


Charlie – I’m unusually nervous, coming into this New Year. 

The last 12 months showed real potential BUT I don’t want another year of standing still. So in your experience, what’s the ONE thing you’d do now, to grow profit? 

Everyone else thinks I’m crazy, but I’m chomping at the bit and want to double my profitability in 2023 🙂 



Good question and one that I suspect is on a lot of minds right now. 

Seems in the air, there’s a sense of…

“What the fuck will happen this year?”

I’ll get onto my prediction in a moment…

… But in truth, nobody knows for sure. 

From what I’m seeing online it seems, most are continuing to operate with their heads in the sand, ass in the air, and the attitude of… 

“Do More.” 

Something along the lines of… 

… Chasing down any kind of lead.

… To win any kind of project. 

… To make any kind of money.

Thing is, in my experience, and in times like these, this is dumb-fuckery of the highest order. 

Because when everyone in your marketplace starts chasing, you get fucked by the laws of supply and demand – meaning…

It’s a race to the bottom. 


And I don’t know about you, but in my mind, dropping your pants and bending over ain’t an efficient way to profit or scale.

See, there is a science to scale – especially in a new economy. 

The No. 1 move for men like us to make? 

Drop the generalist bullshit. 

In other words, make a shift from mass market to target market.

… Specialising fast, cutting out the crap and getting profitable. 

Think of it like this…

A poor One Man Band has a wide range of customers, doesn’t stand out and ends up always competing on price…

Whereas a rich One Man Empire targets high-profit customers, is dominant in the market (with little competition) and charges true value.

It’s why I’d urge you to ruthlessly focus on going to a model driven by…

  • ONE profitable audience
  • ONE profitable offering
  • ONE profitable process 

Because it simplifies everything… 

… And of cause simple always scales.

Good news being, scale, when done this way, is ruthlessly effective at breaking plateaus and making profit.

Make sense?


In a nutshell:

To get ahead in 2023 you MUST start thinking differently. 

… Because what got you here, sure as hell ain’t gonna get you there.

It’s why if an ounce of this rings true, I’d urge you to start reading what’s on the page below – with speed and full force:


I go in-depth on simplification and exactly how to do it…

Consider it your roadmap to get ahead in 2023. 

After all, other men are already doing this and winning.

Steve in Walsall hit £1.2m with no employees.

Phil hit £1.5m in 12 months of starting in his garage with just his wife.

Jon hit his first £50,000 month using this system to scale his 3-man engineering business.

So, my friend, time to ask yourself this, why not you? 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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