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“Sorry, lady – BAD news!”

August 25, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

August 25, 2022

It’s 5:37 pm and I’m walking back to my car, with Barney.

Suddenly, he grabs my hand.


Like he senses danger.

I hear a woman scream:

“Look out! Car!…”

Turning to the left, I see it. 

 A Honda… 

… It’s picking up pace and it’s heading straight for us. 

…with NO fucking driver!!

I yank Barney’s arm… I pull him out of the way, and the car speeds past.

But the car park’s on a hill.

It’s now going faster, and faster and faster.

… And that’s when the penny drops.

Despite there being 154 other cars in the car park…

…It is heading straight for mine. 



A head on collision.

My empty car, hit by another car that’s also got NO driver!

So 10 minutes later a woman appears – puzzled.

Puzzled as to why her car is wedged inside my front grill.

My answer – “Sorry, lady – bad news!”

Turns out it wasn’t her car, it was her husband’s.

And she forgot to put on the handbrake 🙂

I can only imagine how that conversation played out at home!

Anyway, in the end, no big deal.

It’s why you have insurance.

B-U-T here’s my problem with this whole situation.

My courtesy car.

It’s a Volvo X90 thing.

I hate it.

It’s a tank.

It’s slow… It’s hard to turn…and it’s a fucking nightmare to fit anywhere.

I hate the thing so much, I called the garage today to see if I could pay them to fix mine faster. 

(I cannot.) 

And here’s my point today…. 

I dislike slow and cumbersome

It means over time you get stuck and end up standing still. 

I much prefer agile and nimble.

Especially when it comes to this game that we call business.

And especially when it comes to turbulent economic times like these.

It’s why I like to keep my business interests LEAN.

That is…

Maximum systems. Minimum Employees.

It keeps overheads low and profits high – with very little ball ache.

It’s the same thing I preach to the men of The Alliance and how those that follow through ruthlessly get results.

Because they have the freedom to move without consequences.

The freedom to make more money and work less hours – without employees. 

Now, if that sounds good  there’s more on how you can do that.

… And exactly what steps you need to take next to duplicate their results:


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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