The four levels of scale…

November 17, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

November 17, 2022

Ever uttered the words …

 “It’s quicker to do it myself.” 

I’ll be honest – I have.

Part and parcel I guess of building something from the ground up.

You’re used to taking the reins. 

Plus you have the grit and determination to get shit done. 

Yet chances are this thinking means you’re fucking up in this game. 

Especially, if you want to scale and grow fast. 

‘Cos this thinking is self-sabotage of the highest order. 

It is holding you back. 

…Screwing over the money you can make, the freedom you can have, and putting limits on your potential. 



It’s why you can never scale a One Man Band.


– Stuck in the day-to-day shit 

– Pulled in 100 directions

– Trying to do “it all” yourself to save time in the short-term

– Exhausted and overwhelmed



– Working “on” the business not “in” it 

– Doing the stuff that will move the dial and delegating the rest 

– Values and protects your time 

– Motivated and fired up 

Which means if you want to create the space for scale, you must start to fire yourself from day to day. 

… Instead of doing it yourself.

Afterall, say tomorrow you take a three-week break, what happens? 

No emails, no internet, no phone, 100% off the grid…

What happens to your business? Your customers? Your money? 

Level 1: Things fail very fast without you 

Level 2: Things fall apart slowly without you steering the ship 

Level 3: The business survives but you’d come back to headaches and problems

Level 4: Everything runs as clockwork and business grows without you

Anything other than level four is dangerous territory.

Which is why I’d urge you to get others handling your grunt work with speed and at full force.

Incase you missed it I shot the video below on how I do it here, and in my other business:


It’s scaling and outsourcing the NEW way

The truth is if you’re not hitting the potential, then chances are you’re too busy stuck in the trenches…

Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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