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Trump’s Can’t Fail Method For Stealing Customers From Your Competitors…

November 3, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

November 3, 2020

So it’s Election Day, and truth be told American politics is my guilty pleasure.

Now, I know I’m gonna get it in the neck for saying this, but if there’s anyone you should be studying right now, it’s Trump.

Let me be clear…

You don’t have to like Trump to make money from him.

Case in point, yesterday when I saw his speech from his Arizona rally.

A three-hour war-cry on the “Chinese Virus.”

  • Not the pandemic.
  • Not Covid-19
  • Not the Virus

BUT instead “The Chinese Virus.”

… Or in other words the forgotten art of throwing rocks at your enemies.

The backbone from Blair Warren’s book “One Sentence Persuasion” and a Trump tactic that’s been used since the dawn of time on everyone and anyone that has stood in his way:

  • Crocked Hillary Clinton
  • Lyin’ Ted Cruz
  • Sleeping’ Joe Biden

A masterclass in the Art & Science of getting people to turn their backs and switch sides – no matter who they are, or what clout they hold.

A tactic that in this new economy, you should leverage with speed and with full force.

In fact right now, and inside of The Fellowship, we have members waging wars in their specific markets against:

  • Tatty Tradesmen (VS a professional builder)
  • Bumbling Beancounters (VS a proper accountant)
  • Financial Advertisers (VS a financial advisor)

The fall-out being a manufactured mass-exodus of money from competitor pockets to theirs.

So the truth is and as the dust settles, I’m gonna miss this election.

Those getting on their high horse about who fucked who, and what bribed what are missing out on what’s been demonstrated on both sides of the coin:

How To Move People From One Side To Another.

Speaking of which…

At last, months Think Tank, we covered in-depth another Trump’ism.

Specifically, how to leverage a MARKETING PROCESS to control people’s opinions, thoughts and feelings about you, BEFORE they think about buying.

When I first saw how to do this, at zero cost, it was something that I immediately knew we need to get out to the men around this table.

I guess one of the many BIG benefits of deciding to be one of the 30 smart ambitious men inside of The Fellowship.

That said, if you want to be considered for a seat (when one opens), complete an application on the link below:


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