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“Why are all your testimonials from men…”

June 8, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

June 8, 2021

This fresh in from some arsehole online:

“Why are all your testimonials from men…”

Clearly, he didn’t read the “One Man Empire” bit, or the big fucking headline at the top of the page that says MEN only!”

Now despite what most may think, it has nothing to do with me being a sexist arsehole…

… And everything to do with the fact that in my experience, when women are around, men do stupid shit – like LIE.

Now if the psychologists are to be believed, it all comes down to the male ego wanting to impress and increase the chance of sex. 

Truth is and from what I’ve seen, I suspect they’re probably right.

… But, getting laid aside, here’s the big problem with lies in an environment like The Fellowship.

At best they grind you to a halt.

At worst they force you to move backwards.

After all, how can you expect to have others to call you on your shit, and push you forward if you can’t be honest about where you’re REALLY at, or how you’re REALLY doing.

It’s why everything we do here and in The Fellowship is built on a rock-solid foundation of honesty, trust and integrity, around the table.

Which means, for now, it’s males only in this room.

  • It’s better for me.
  • It’s better for you.
  • It’s better for them.

Anyway, enough on that.

… I can already feel the mass mediocre foaming the word “equality” at the mouth.

Meaning before you know it …

… This will all be taken out of context, they will be up in arms, and they will be yelling from the rooftops, that me, this Tribe, and The Fellowship must be cancelled.

Fuck it. Bring it on.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

PS. It goes without saying that if you want someone that pussyfoot around this topic then deciding to apply to join the other smart ambitious men in this group is probably not for you, and will probably not help you get what you want.


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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