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Details: Ethically Manipulating Others For Good…

April 27, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

April 27, 2021

A comment fresh in from Little Rock, Arkansas and on the back of an old podcast episode:

“Charlie – I really appreciate your insight brother, it’s good to get a breath of fresh air, but I’ve got a question on your words “ethical manipulation?”  I’m far from a special snowflake but is manipulation ever ethical? Keep up the inspiring content, Micheal…”

(BTW after taking a few months out writing the book, the podcast is back up and running with NEW episodes available here…)

Thanks Micheal, and let me explain.

Human nature dictates that most people are natural delayers.

Or in other words, most will choose to put shit off rather than commit to a decision.

… Especially buying decisions.

… And especially buying decisions that might benefit them, their business or their situation.

Case in point for the last three weeks I’ve been putting off buying some new, heavier kettlebells while I keep doing more “research.”

  • Will those kettlebells me stronger – YES
  • Will those kettlebells me sharper – YES
  • Will those kettlebells add more years to my life – YES

… YET despite all of that, I’m still acting like an arsehole and working out with the wrong weights.

I mean, how much research does it take to buy a kettlebell anyway?! 

After all, when it comes to weights there’s one criteria, and one criteria only – Are they heavy? If yes then buy with speed and without delay.

Anyway, the point is this.

Right now, and when competition is high and money is scarce, if you want to continue to grow and scale, then it must become your moral obligation to ethically manipulate (nudge) people in the right direction.

… IF of course, it will help them.

… And IF of course, there’s a chance they might buy elsewhere or from some arsehole who will bend them over a barrel and not deliver what’s been promised, or what they need.

Best way to do it?

Well in my experience, one of three things:

  1. Use limited availability 
  2. Use limited offers
  3. Use limited production (exclusivity)

… It’s exactly what I covered in-depth at last week’s closed-door Fellowship Think Tank. Not just the specific strategies and tactics but how to do it the right way and at full bore

Something, that if the rumblings in our private app are to be believed, have already been used to close more sales at record-setting price points.

… But for now ‘nuff said and question answer.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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